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Training vs. Development Analysis

Learning Activity 4.4: Training vs. Development Analysis Introduction and Purpose of Assignment Often training and development is considered the same thing. Shore (2015) provides the basic distinction between training and development. Training = Teaching New Skills Development = Perfecting Existing Skills Objectives • Analyze the difference between Training and Development. (4.3) Resources Shore, H. (2012, May 9). The difference between training and development. Retrieved from   • Training vs. Development.docx located in Course Documents in your e360 class. Instructions 1. Read the article referenced above and then download the document, “Training vs. Development” included in the Course Documents. 2. Complete the chart for each of the six scenarios discussed in the document. 3. Submit your exercise to your facilitator as an attachment in the dropbox titled 4.4 Training vs. Development Analysis by the end of the week

Finding the Right Money at the Right Price on keyless entry

My product is regarding a keyless entry wooden/Aluminum box that is mean’t to protect key fobs signals from being hijacked and keyless cars from being stolen. Includes RFID blocking, etc. Description Identify the sources from which you will be raising the necessary funds to finance your business. Make sure you take into account the following sources — some you may use, some you may not. All should be considered: Yourself Family and friends Angels and venture capitalists Banks Crowd-sourcing Peer-to-peer networks Being acquired Other sources Make sure you are realistic about this section as it is crucial that you make the right choices as well as good conservative choices that don’t risk your future anymore than is necessary. Make sure you are specific and precise about the rate of return, interest rate and terms. In other words, how and when is the money going to be repaid. Or in the case of an equity stake, what investors can expect to reap as their reward for taking a leap of faith – in you.

importance of party leadership in 2019 federal election

Does the 2019 federal election show the importance of party leadership in election outcomes in Canada or were they rather the product of structural forces beyond the individual party leaders?

Defining discourse community

efining discourse community Discourse community is “a group of people, members of a community, who share a common interest and who use the same language, or discourse, as they talk and write about that interest” (CCC). Discourse community is a term for the sorts of “groups within which we humans act out distinctive identities and activities” (Gee, “Discourse”). Specifically, Gee calls “writing-saying-doing-being-valuing-believing combinations” as “Discourse,” with a capital “D.” To him, “discourse” with a little “d” means “connected stretches of language that make sense, so “discourse” is part of “Discourse’’ (Gee, “Literacy” 6). Here are some examples of discourse communities: Asian/American community at Miami (an example of sociocultural, racial, or ethnic discourse communities) Yoga community (a discourse community forms around an activity or practice) Harry potter fans (fandom as a discourse community) International travelers on Instagram Faculty and students in a Studying Abroad Program (e.g. Fulbright scholarship program) Feminist discourse community surrounding the #metoo movement (an online discourse community) a multi-racial advocacy group against white supremacy foodies of a particular type of food Project description In this project, you will research a discourse community that is relevant and meaningful to your studies, professions, or life. The purpose goal of this research project is to understand how that discourse community works: how the chosen discourse community establishes, maintains, and knows itself. The discourse community you choose for Project 2 could be one of following types: a sociocultural or political community, perhaps one related to your identities, academic interests, professional goals, or personal life. a group formed around an activity or practice a group formed around an avocation (e.g. an artistic, hobbyist, or adventure society) a specific community within your academic discipline Specifically, the discourse community you choose needs to be: Option 1: a discourse community of another culture, in another country, or in another geopolitical place. Option 2: a discourse community that you’re not yet a member but want to become a part of, that is, a discourse community that deeply interests you but you’re not yet fully involved in or completely familiar with.

project management

project plan use Academic poster for presentation write about: Wedding Reception(British traditional wedding) requirement: 1.You must illustrate and critically assess what project management techniques and concepts you will use to ensure project success. It is suggested that you include • An introduction/ background to the project. • Outline your key outcomes and objectives. • Explain how you will plan and control each stage of the project. • Provide an analysis of project systems, methods and techniques that you will put in place and how they ensure project success. • An analysis of two key issues and challenges you may face in your project and how they will be managed. • How you will manage project risks. • A clear time plan i.e. Gantt chart, CPM etc • A full reference lists. Note: the academic poster has to be one page using MS PowerPoint. Your poster is made using MS PowerPoint

Ideal Image of Human Being for Kant and/or Decartes

Explain what the image of ideal human beings for Decartes and/or Kant briefly, and argue on it (them)

Compare and Contrast two different stories

Compare and Contrast.. the similarities and the difference in the 2 short stories 1. 6 pages in total essay paper (5pages for essay content &1 page for MLA style works cited section 2. PLEASE AVOID PLAGIARISM… professor checks for that 3. Please use MLA format 4. Essay should have – “Introduction “ – should contain the title of the 2 short stories, small summery of the stories and a little summary about the authors. “Thesis” statement should match the points to be discussed in paragraphs “Body” “Conclusion “ 5.PLEASE AVOID PLAGIARISM.