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November, 2017

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Compare and contrast emic and multiculturlism

1. What constitutes a crisis? 2. What characteristics should an effective crisis intervention worker possess? 3.Now you are to create two Essentials Questions you think will help you focus the writing of your Portfolio Project. 4. Briefly discuss how your questions will guide the development of your Portfolio Project. 5.Compare and contrast emic and etic models of multiculturalism. 6.Are there times when it is better to have one perspective over the other? Defend your position.

Are the Armed Forces of the United States a “Profession”?

Short Essay: Are the Armed Forces of the United States a “Profession”? Explain why or why not. Does this distinction matter? What implications does your answer have for how veterans transition from service? Answer should be close to 300 words long (no more than 300). I will use the professional criteria of Clarity, Relevance, and Completeness to evaluate your work. Please do not use title pages, subtitles, extra paragraph spacing, or title headings. Ensure that all components of the prompt above are answered completely.

Robotic Process Automation

Write two full pages about robotic process automation and need every sentence cited from the references I have on my paper.

Business law- trade secrets

Evaluate how trade secrets are important for companies so that former employees do not turn into market rivals

Book Review on The Hitler Myth by Ian Kershaw


This Needs to be a book review on The Hitler Myth by Ian Kershaw. These were some of the guidelines he gave us: What is the overall thesis, arc of the story, and how it reflects back on the thesis? Reflect on the sources-is it from popular culture (film, magazines), economics, statements from political leaders, material things (consumer goods), influential writers? How does the author balance human decision making with broader historical faceless aspects (like technological determinism) Be very clear distinguishing the author’s voice, from your voice. Example: Snyder argues abc, this is convincing because… Use your own voice to weigh in on how effective the author is Conclusion Not a restatement of introduction Has the book made you think differently about the topic? Does is raise more questions? Does it have lessons that are relevant in other contexts?

The Sense and Sensibility Performance Report

PLAY PERFORMANCE REPORT Following is the criteria for the written play performance report. Staple the ticket stub to your report. Writing about a play should be based on what you see and experience.  Include if you were an usher or worked on the play. What is the overarching theme of the play? In what style or tempo was the language of the dialogue? What style did the director chose for this production? Discuss the designs. What is the environment and how did the set design illustrate the meaning of the play or set the physical context for the story? How did the costumes inform the character? How did the lighting and sound design support the narrative? How did these elements interact for the best meaning of the play?.


Attached you will find three PowerPoint to assist you with this assignment Below are the instructions for the assignment. Your journal should not exist two double-spaced pages (excluding references and title page) and should include a competent/concise reflection on your assigned readings and videos for the week. This journal should highlight in a summative fashion the learning you acquired during the week, any specific learning challenges you encountered, and specific areas related to the learning themes of the week where you wish to advance your learning further and how you may pursue this. Your journal must be written in APA style and must cite all sources used at the end. It must be written with good grammar and spelling.

PowerPoint Presentation on cars and gender identity

TOPIC: CARS AND GENDER IDENTITY Create a PowerPoint presentation using ONLY the 10 sources listed below. (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE). Include various images of Bentley s (car) in your PowerPoint relating to the topic. Add one relevant video to PowerPoint. Powerpoint should be 6 slides. 1. Cohen, M. G. (2017). Climate Change and Gender in Rich Countries: Work, Public Policy, and Action. New York: Taylor & Francis. 2. DiNuzzo, E. (2019). Are men better drivers than women? Retrieved from Reader’s digest: 3. Husband, C., Alam, Y., Huttermann, J., & Fomina, J. (2016). Lived diversities: Space, Place and identities in the multi-ethnic city. Policy Press. 4. Kaufman law. (2018). Why men are more risky drivers than women. Retrieved from Kaufman law: 5. Meyboom, A. (2018). Driverless Urban Futures: A Speculative Atlas for Autonomous Vehicles. New York: Taylor & Francis. 6. Parkin, K. J. (2017). Women at the Wheel: A Century of Buying, Driving and Fixing Cars. Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press. 7. Redshaw, S. (2012). In the Company of Cars: Driving as a Social and Cultural Practice. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 8. Sample, I. (2004). Why are men worse drivers than women? Retrieved from The Guardian: 9. Seeker (Director). (2014). Are men better drivers than women? [Motion Picture]. Retrieved from 10. Walsh, M. (2004). Automobile in American Life and Society. Retrieved from UMICH:

What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ by Al Janssen, Brother Andrew

Through the book “What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ by Authors Al Janssen, Brother Andrew” 

i) Select one of the Christian characters and briefly describe her/his situation and personal struggle, and then explain how the character blesses or challenges your thinking regarding your own Christian life.

ii) Select a circumstance or event and discuss how it is an example of an issue for church planting or church growth, from a missiological perspective.

iii) Regarding the last section of the book, briefly summarize two of the four recommendations and discuss a) how they challenge your thinking and b) how you might be able to respond.