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April, 2018

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Drug Use causing a high occurrence of HIV

We are currently seeing an outbreak of drug use causing a high occurrence of HIV. This has led some states to begin a needle exchange program. Why do you think drug abuse is so pervasive in the U.S.? What measures have worked to curb drug abuse? What measures haven’t worked?

What do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California

Beyond what has already been showed in your application what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California. I want it to be inspiring for them when they read it like something that makes my essay different than others and stands out and show them i’m different.

Research on Hotel

Pick a unique hotel and make a research about it to know there history, there unique services, there style every thing Related to hospitality Management.

Response to Google and Facebook

What does Google and Facebook know about you? Choose either Google (which also owns YouTube, Android, et al.) or Facebook (which also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, et al.) and take a look at what data they have collected about you and some judgments they have made about you. Google lets you see your activity that they’ve tracked across their different services (including location , searches (,and YouTube viewing, and how they’ve profiled you for advertising( ). Facebook makes it a little harder to find, but it does let you download an archive of all the data they’ve collected on you– make sure to look in the Index file, where you’ll find the raw data set, and the Ads section near the end (warning, though, that this is a big file and takes awhile to prepare and download). These two articles, from The Guardian and The New York Times have more information on this. After looking through the data they’ve collected on you, reflect on what this means to you. Even if you were aware that your use of these services for free was in exchange for your personal information, did you have a sense that this is what they would be collecting, or is this more than you were signing up for? What kind of picture of yourself emerges from this data? Is it an accurate representation of you? What kinds of decisions are being or could be made about you and actions taken toward you based on this data, as far as you can tell, and how do you feel about that?

Discussion Paper on Race representation in the prison systems

Discuss race and population trends in the US and California. Compare the prison populations to the population of general society. Look at proportionality.

Depression effects

What are the great impacts of depression ?

Brave Heart

Give your personal viewpoints and understandings. Discuss the historical period.

Religious Artifact

Essay discussing the history and importance of any religious artifact.