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Finding the Right Money at the Right Price on keyless entry

My product is regarding a keyless entry wooden/Aluminum box that is mean’t to protect key fobs signals from being hijacked and keyless cars from being stolen. Includes RFID blocking, etc. Description Identify the sources from which you will be raising the necessary funds to finance your business. Make sure you take into account the following sources — some you may use, some you may not. All should be considered: Yourself Family and friends Angels and venture capitalists Banks Crowd-sourcing Peer-to-peer networks Being acquired Other sources Make sure you are realistic about this section as it is crucial that you make the right choices as well as good conservative choices that don’t risk your future anymore than is necessary. Make sure you are specific and precise about the rate of return, interest rate and terms. In other words, how and when is the money going to be repaid. Or in the case of an equity stake, what investors can expect to reap as their reward for taking a leap of faith – in you.

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