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February, 2019

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The Global Climate Policymaking Challenge

In this essay you should discuss: 1) The approach your country took to reconciling global and national interests. were you able to reconcile the two effectively? Why or why not? 2) Based on what you observed in the exercise, would you do anything differently in a second negotiation? If so, how and why would you alter your strategy? If not, what made your strategy as successful as could be expected? 3) What did the exercise demonstrate about the prospects for a global post-Kyoto treaty and the form any such treaty is likely to take?

Using David Hume’s writings, evaluate the success of his theory of compatibilism

Using David Hume’s writings, evaluate the success of his theory of compatibilism (the compatibility of liberty and necessity). A) What is compatibilism? B) To which problem is it addressed? C) Does Hume successfully solve the problem?

Another World Lies Beyond: Chinese Art and the Divine

Another World Lies Beyond: Chinese Art and the Divine”

Presentation on Nursing care given to the patients

Prepare an evidenced based handover for the care that has been given to the patient .What are nursing care priorities? What are the 5 P’s of patient care? What are the nursing care? How do you provide good nursing care? What are the 4 types of nursing diagnosis? 10 slides with speech notes for each slides

Research of a non existing deviant

Do a research on something that used to be considered deviant but not anymore. Make sure you explain the social context surrounding the issue. Use the theories and concepts learned in this course to explain the issue. Be sure to address the following points: What is the issue? How was it dealt with then and now? Describe the social climate at the time and now. What changed? That is, how come it is no longer deviant? Describe the contestations of power that went into this issue.

Heroin ; Chemical composition of the drug…

Heroin: Chemical composition of the drug, the physiological effects on the body, the psychological and emotional impact of the drug used, the social implications, the average financial expenses on the drug based on general statistics.