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November, 2018

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How media representation shows the changes in the American culture

My paper’s topic is how media representation shows the changes in the American culture. For example, the status of women can be shown in the movie representation. Superhero series can show the change of American’s views towards the minority and so on. Thus, the theme can be related to gender, minority, black community, etc. But these theme should connect with american culture and media representation.

How does Bootlegging relate to white collar crime in regards to tax evasion

Write an essay on how does Bootlegging relate to white collar crime in regards to tax evasion?

Arts Education- Core Subject Area

1) Reflect on the following statement: “Core Subject Area” means reading and English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign language, and fine arts. Think back to your own experience with arts education in high school. Do you feel the arts are adequately represented in schools today? What are your thoughts about arts education and how its presence, or lack of thereof, has affected you positively or negatively throughout your life?  2) A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 ‘leadership competency’ of the future. What impact would this information have on you as an arts manager? How could you apply what you’ve learned in a practical environment? Give three examples. 

Bubonic Plague


 Historical Relevance: How long has this disease been around? Did it jump species to infect humans (zoonosis)? Which specific societies or cultures have suffered from this disorder? Epidemiology: Which demographic groups are specifically affected? Where is this disease endemic and/or epidemic? Is it an emerging disease? Pandemic? What is the incidence and prevalence in affected areas?) Etiology: What is it’s mode of transmission (if infectious)? Where is the portal of entry? Are their any vectors, hosts, etc? Is this disease hereditary, acquired, or a combination of both? If so, which genes are involved? Are there a combination of genetic and environmental factors required for onset? Are multiple genes involved? Pathology and Pathophysiology: Which cells, tissues, and organs does the etiological agent specifically infect in various stages? Are carriers asymptomatic? How long is the latency period between infection and clinical manifestation of symptoms? If cancerous, autoimmune, or genetic, when and where do symptoms manifest within the body? Which specific cells, tissues, organ systems are activated or targeted? Symptoms: Describe different stages of the disease and any short or long symptoms associated with each, etc. Treatments: Is this disease treatable? Are there any available vaccines, antibiotics, antimicrobials, antivirals, gene/chemical therapies, or immunosuppressive drugs available to treat or prevent infection or onset of this disorder? Who is a good candidate for vaccination? Are their any experimental treatments worth mentioning? What are the current efforts being made to eradicate this disease? Relevance to Human Society Social impacts, cultural stigmas, misconceptions, efforts to raise awareness and/or to treat; political and/or corporate organizations, movements and/or campaigns, key legislation, famous people with the disease or disorder, etc.


American History- Post Civil War

Choose any topic in American History from the end of the Civil War to Present and stay away from topics that are too broad or lack depth.

Corporate Responsibility Assignment

Review the resources Our Commitment to the World, Ford Motor Company Outlines Its Top 10 Green Initiatives, and Corporate Governance: Ethics. Analyze the ethical brand alignment of Clorox, Ford Motor Company, and Adobe. Why are volunteerism, community support, global initiatives, green projects, and sustainability efforts important in building customer loyalty, business partner respect, and reputation management? Resource Links: For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines And Rubric document.

Deductive Arguments

Construct an example of each of the deductive argument models below. Each argument should have two reasons and a conclusion. Be sure to re-read the explanation of each type of argument carefully before you begin. EACH EXAMPLE MUST BE YOUR OWN, NOT ONE FROM THE TEXTBOOK OR ANOTHER SOURCE. Types of deductive arguments: -Argument from a General Rule -Modus Ponens -Modus Tollens -Disjunctive Syllogism Review the Thinking Passage on p. 464-468. Answer the questions on p. 468. Each answer should include specific details (quotes, examples, etc.) from the passage.

Government Portfolio on Democratic Presidential Primary Debates

In the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Debates paper fill in the grading area with your grade opinion such as A,B,C,D,F.

Ethic and social responsibility in business

Please write an essay supporting the idea that Behaving in an ethically and socially responsible way should be the hallmark of every businessperson’s behavior, domestic or international.

Police Brutality

Essay Prompt: Why do police shootings seem more common now than ever before? What is happening to American society that 549 criminals (according to the FBI database) or “suspected criminals” have been shot since this year? Who is to blame? Is it the millennial society, the police in particular states, racial profiling, or a mixture? There has been some controversy over whether or not police officers are racially profiling suspected criminals. What are some of the effects of this police brutality?