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September, 2018

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Weels on meals PowerPoint

One page powerpoint slide , the question of the presentation Discuss what the return on investment will be, when profitability would be seen, and expected outcomes from this plan. the instruction in the back, the power point need to be bullet point and and explained the powerpoint in the speaker notes. 

Difference between Direct effects and Indirect effects of goals

Questions: 1. What is the difference between Direct effects and Indirect effects of Goals on choice of strategy? Explanation by using examples is mandatory. 2. What is framing and how frames work in negotiation. Describe an example. 3. Exercise 1. See attached file. Exercise 1 Instructions: According to the content of this exercise 1, apply the planning process for that negotiation by following all the points quoted on page 97 (Getting ready to implement the strategy. The planning Process). Do not forget to answer the following questions: What is the frame for this negotiation? What are some misperceptions and cognitive biases in this negotiation?

Euro Disneyland

Read the In-Depth Integrative Case 2.1a (Euro Disneyland). Respond to questions 1-4 at the end of the case with complete and thorough responses. Use critical thinking to apply depth and breadth. 

I’ve been wondering.. Anything in the field of Biology


A 2 page essay on anything you habe been wondering based on the field of biology assigned by the professor.

The History and Importance of Blogs in Society

See appropriate Purdue OWL sites such as: *-Begin with your introduction or overview of topics and issues. -State your Research Question followed by your hypothesis -Background, description, and/or history of the issue >Issues, various points of views and/or court cases (Pros/Cons) -Results of interviews, observations, focus groups, research, etc. -Your original comments and commentary or evaluations, supported by citations. -Summary

Refugees from African nations

Should the United States resettle refugees from African nations? If so, what financial and/or logistical limits should be imposed? If not, what risks prohibit the United States from accepting refugees?


Compare and contrast the intelligence disciplines ELINT and MASINT. In your own words, state the goals and mission statement for each discipline. Conduct research and describe the origination of each discipline.