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September, 2019

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Master’s thesis on role of Western Congolese diaspora

The aim of this Master’s thesis is to apprehend, analyse and explain the role of the Western Congolese diaspora facing the new challenges awaiting an unsteady but recovering country by asking: In what ways and to what ends do members of Congolese diaspora groups in Western countries engage with the Democratic Republic of the Congo? What I want you to do is for the chapter called « defining the terms » because I lack of time. My master is in migration&citizenship but is close to politics and sociology. I need you to define the following concepts/notions/terms according to different authors and literature and show how these concepts are questionable. It is: Diaspora, migration, trans-nationalism, homeland, 2nd generation migrant, political participation, activism, democracy, development (e.g. covering social, economic, political and cultural aspects of societal change, particularly in developing countries)

Essay on the end of Detroit

Business history class. Essay on the end of Detroit. Discuss why Detroit is abandoned city?When was Detroit the richest city in the world and what factors led to the rise? What led to the downfall of Detroit?