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March, 2017

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Comparing Colin Powell’s Strategies, Styles, and Qualities to past military leaders.

You will need to address how Colin Powell has used strategies, styles, and qualities of past Maverick Leaders and how they have had to adapt those strategies, qualities, and styles to work in the contemporary operating environment.

Literature on homelessness

Literature Review—Students are expected to: Identify a social problem or a social work intervention related to current field placement Develop a research question—informed by the identified social problem or intervention Compile an annotated bibliography of the existing knowledge on a selected topic Present a detailed summary of the existing knowledge as it relates to the research question Part II Extends from the literature review, present a proposed investigation that addresses the developed research question. Research design—Qualitative/quantitative, hypothesis, variables/construct, measures, population, sample, data collection, data management and analysis, ethics, strengths, and limitations

Lung cancer

• Introduction 1. Background information about the subject. 2. The importance of the subject to the medical field‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍. 3. What are the main points you want to discuss in this report. • Literature Review and Discussion In this section you must present your topic in details. All claims and results must be supported by legitimate references. This section is the bulk of your report. • Conclusions Draw your own conclusions about the subject. It is important to know what YOU think of the subject matter. Try to support your conclusion with facts • References Acceptable reference materials are from books, journals and internet databases. You may not use a website URL as a reference, unless that website is from an academic institute or contains information that is backed up by acceptable references. ONLY 4% PLAGIARISM‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍ IS ALLOWED

Legal Aspects of Business

Ostensible or apparent authority which negatives the existence of actual authority is merely a form of estoppel, indeed, it has been termed agency by estoppel, and you cannot call in aid an estoppel unless you have three ingredients: (i) a representation, (ii) a reliance on the representation, and (iii) an alteration of your position resulting from such reliance.

However the book recommended books including other materials are as follows 1. Chapter ‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍11 page 303 of Ewan Macintyre Business Law, (Ninth Edition) Pearson, 2. Academic Journals 3. Articles. 4. Law chambers, 5. Any books on Business Law. THANK YOU‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍.

The Arab Effect demonstrates several categories that are represented in the Arab Region.

The Arab Effect demonstrates several categories that are represented in the Arab Region. When we look at the impact of the individual characteristics of the pro-market, we can see that education scores the highest ( 0.04***) which indicates that education plays a major role. In regards to the economic motivation and thrift which are both important values of capitalism, the female, and InGDPcapita are low -0.08***, however on the other hand wave 6 scores 0.08 followed by 0.04**. Regression analysis reveals that that statically speaking, there is indeed no significant Arab premium relative to the ROW, the Arab effect reveals no significance other Muslim majority countries effect. Anaylsing Thrift (0.00***, Age ( 0.00***) followed by Muslim countries score 0.08**. This means that it provides self insurance to households while supporting investment and accumlation over time. Self-Insurance seems to be essential because as time progresses, so does the world, and it is for that reason that we need to be more cautious in case of an economic flacuation. In regards to attitude religiosity ( -12%) which on the contrary is positive around the world. Combining religiosity and hardwork, we find that to achieve what the goal, hardwork is needed, this is scored 0.06***. Females receiving and admitting to jobs are mostly in Arab countries regardless if Muslim or not. Despite this the Arab Women that participate in the labor force still tend to be extremely low due to culture, and customs, and on the contrary jobs are given to men as they seem to be more productive. This leads to the income inequality that is between both genders. Despite the fact that women might have higher and better jobs than men, they receive much less than as men, because men are seen to being the breadwinner rather than women. Table 3 shows that income 1 and income 2 score 0.11*** that shows it is significant at 1 %. The results from regression anaylsis reveal that when GDP per capita and personal characterstics are controlled for, citizens or Arab countries, aswell as those of Muslim- majority countries have on average the same values as in the rest of the countries. Finally, confidence plays a major role in regards to the development of the country, statistics show that the Arab countries score 0.22***

The communist manifesto

Working independently, your essay should be no less than four (4) double-spaced pages, using Arial font, size #12. You will write your reflection using the persuasive argumentative mode of writing. You may also employ the explanatory, narrative, or descriptive modes either singularly or in combination in the body of your essay. As well, you should have a point of view; you must have a clear, concise, and defined thesis statement written in the first or second paragraph of your essay. You should provide a thesis statement and at least 3 examples of supporting evidence in the introductory paragraph, or in the second paragraph. Your conclusion should paraphrase and expand upon your opening. Moreover, your essay should include logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as within body paragraphs that include evidential support. In-text citations must accompany your supporting evidence. Marx’s ideas have come to constitute a method for understanding society. Rather than a definitive explanation, his ideas orient us to a particular manner for investigating social reality. Marx linked economics with politics emphasizing the interrelationships between political and economic institutions and how they operate to maintain the class system. Finally, Marx illuminated the way in which the dominant social class’s ideas and values come to be accepted as natural by all members of society. He emphasized as well that these ruling ideas served to maintain and perpetuate social inequality by legitimating it through social beliefs. Your objective is to carefully select and analyze two (2) current (2017 -2018) newspaper articles from either a) the NYTimes, b) The Wall Street Journal, c) The Philadelphia Inquirer, or d) The Washington Post supporting or opposing two (2) of the following positions: 1) the bourgeoisie controls the state, 2) the bourgeoisie controls the means and mode of production , and 3) the bourgeoisie controls our ideas and values that we think are our own.

Literary Analysis Essay

a literary analysis typed in MLA format. Your essay should be written in 3rd person. This essay will be 4 pages. Please choose one story from Gutierrez’s book to analyze. Your analysis will not be a summary of the story, rather it should look to determine the theme of story. In considering the theme, you will also determine the major conflict and discuss how other key elements (symbolism, metaphor, irony, etc) work to develop meaning in the story. Please remember to support any observations you make with quotes from the story.

Find an article of interest from 2017 or later on • Life Plan Community/CCRC Design • Try search terms like Design, Community Design, Design Features, Design Excellence, Senior Housing Design, Public Space, Characteristics of Senior Housing Design,

Life Plan Community (LPC) Article Report Using the search links at any of • Senior Housing News • McKnight’s Senior Living 1. Find an article of interest from 2017 or later on • Life Plan Community/CCRC Design • Try search terms like Design, Community Design, Design Features, Design Excellence, Senior Housing Design, Public Space, Characteristics of Senior Housing Design, … • Make sure the article includes information about design and design features. Do not write about an article that simply says “XYZ Company is opening an XXX unit community located in ABC.” 2. Prepare a report including • Title of the article • The URL • A brief (150-200 words) summary and analysis of senior living contracts and costs based on what the article is saying. • This should be a summary, not the essay format. – Make sure to include your own thoughts. (“In my opinion, …” or “This is interesting to me because …” or “This is a different perspective in that …”) You can summarize or paraphrase the article (in your own words), but be certain that you do NOT plagiarize. Plagiarism will earn a zero for the assignment. A second plagiarism offense will earn a zero for 20% Article Report Category

Middle Childhood Experiment

Middle Childhood Experiments- choose one of the experiments below and complete on a child or children age 7 to 12, then post report. 1.Cognitive Development of Middle Childhood (pick one) a.Classification skills. (Piaget) b.Memory skills or strategies (Piaget) c.Intelligence test (Gardner) CHDVB21 Dr.Towns Name________________ Research Study Report Stage of Childhood ____________________ 1.Topic:_________________________ 2.Describe: a.Hypothesis (what did you believe would happen based on child and theory) b.Materials needed c.Procedures (How did you conduct the experiment) d.Documentation- you must post pictures or videos of the experiment. e.Name, age, and number of participants f.Findings. Did it prove the hypothesis? Why or why not? Compare and Contrast your results in relation to the original research or theory you modeled your experiment after.

Violence in the workplace

I am a labor relations major.what is workplace violence. background checks, I was told to give some examples like the Chrysler dodge main work violence in Detroit. Postal workers going Postal in us and in Royal Oak Michigan. Bullying in the workplace, intimidation, sexual harassment. violence from the public, jobs that are in retail,bars,police paramedics etc.