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November, 2015

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Essay on my notes from class and the book Western Heritage

Write an essay of no more than four pages which clearly and fully summarizes the lectures and readings. Your essay should include all the major points made,significant illustrative detail, and particular names, dates and other relavent historical infomatiaon.The essay should be based on my notes from class and the book Western Heritage: A Reader. I can upload anything that you may need.


Please following the question to answer. There is an Ebook for you to answer. Thank you so much. Ch. 13 1. Name and explain each of the four methods of delivery 2. What suggestions does your textbook provide for maintaining eye-contact effectively (in green “How to” box)? 3. What are some suggestions your textbook provides for gesturing effectively (in green “How to” box)? 4. According to your text, what are some final tips for rehearsing your speech? 5. What are four suggestions for enhancing the final delivery of your speech? Ch. 14 6. What are five ways in which presentation aids help communicate ideas to an audience? Please Watch the YouTube clip of the Student speech and answer the following questions 1) What did this speaker do well? 2) How many sources did you hear her cite? 3) Did she incorporate all five functions of the introduction? Explain your answer: 4) How might the speech change if she didn’t cite any sources? 5) What suggestions might you make for improvement? Watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on Power Posing and answer the following questions 1) What did you learn from this Ted Talk? 2) What is power posing? 3) What does the research tell us about nonverbal communication and hormones? 4) How might power posing be utilized in a public speaking situation? 5) In what other areas of your life might you utilize power posing?