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August, 2017

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Elementary Probability and Statistics – Graphical Representation of Data

Research the internet and present in your own words at least four methods of Graphical Representation of Data. Which method you like the best and why? The report should be typed in 10 Font and may not exceed 4 typed pages. The report should include at least two relevant internet references.

What is the significance of an atmospheric chemical sink

What is the significance of an atmospheric chemical sink—specifically when studying methods to engineer outdoor air quality? How would you explain this in layman’s terms to a company hiring you to help with the permitting process for a new facility?

The Case for Amnesty on social membership

Read: Carens, J. (2009) The Case for Amnesty “” Carens argues that social membership (typically produced by time) ought to generate legal membership. By his lights, this is why amnesty is a matter of justice for undocumented people in the U.S. who have robust social ties in the U.S. In some cases, though, social memberships don’t plausibly generate a duty to recognize a legal membership. For example, if a student spends 8 years at Stanford, it isn’t obvious that they ought to have a right to permanent or ongoing legal membership to Stanford, its facilities, its services, and so on. What explains the difference? Or, if nothing explains the difference, then this looks like a counterexample to an important principle in Carnes argument. What should Carens say in that case? For your paper, state your view, make the best arguments for it, consider the strongest argument or two against your view, and reply.

Write a discussion that describes how scientists “date” rocks.

Describes how scientists “date” rocks. By that, I mean discuss the methods by which we determine a rock’s relative and absolute ages. Be sure to summarize all the principles of relative dating we went over (e.g., cross-cutting relationships).

Discuss AlNY topic you learned in this class that you thought was interesting. It could be about a specific concept or organism, whatever. 

Comparison between Affordable Care Act to the American Health Care Act,

Compare the Affordable Care Act to the American Health Care Act, as passed by the House of Representatives on May 4, 2017 in order to determine which health Care reform is the best for the United States.Compare the Affordable Care Act to the American Health Care Act, as passed by the House of Representatives on May 4, 2017 in order to determine which health Care reform is the best for the United States. Use a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed scholarly sources from to gather information and supporting details to analyze the 6 aspects. The required aspects are the overall approach, women’s health, state role and financing. Two additional aspects to analyze are the individual health insurance market rules and exchanges/insurance through associations.

  Remember that you are objectively analyzing the aspects and determining the best fit based on evidence or facts. Therefore, you should not be writing in 1st person. Paper organization With a paper like this, it is easy to get and led astray. I recommend doing an outline to organize your information and stay on topic. The paper should include: Title Page- PLEASE FOLLOW APA FORMAT – Introduction- Tell the reader what your paper is about. What is the purpose; what will you cover; etc. YOU DO NOT NEED AN ABSTRACT FOR THIS PAPER. Body- This is where you analyze each aspect (6), comparing the Affordable Care Act to replacement proposal, (American Health Care Act) . Use your sources (articles) to provide supporting details. Conclusion- This where you wrap up the paper. In conclusion the (replacement proposal) would be the best fit because____. Based on research found ___________________________. Reference Page – PLEASE FOLLOW APA FORMAT – Please include in-text citations and refrain from using so many quotes throughout the paper-

Ethical issues on opioid abuse

Need a paper about ethical issues on opioid abuse and how to solve the issues.

Dubrin’s transformational leadership theory

Compare transformational leadership theory presented in “The Emerging Role of Transformation Leadership” with DuBrin’s concepts concerning how transformation takes place. Please use Dubrin’s text “Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and skills 8th Edition “

Green new deal critique

Read H. Res. 109. After reading the Green New Deal Resolution, you are to develop a critique of this legislation using our theories of the state. Suggested areas of critique are (1) is this resolution, conservative, reformist, revolutionary? (2) Does the GND address the issue or concern that you intend to write about in your final paper? (3) Does this fit within the history of the United States and legacy of economics and the state? We have a number of readings to reference in this section of the class. Your essay should utilize quotes from at least 3 of those readings. These quotations should be clearly identified and a reference page created. A Strong essay will also be able to connect the described theories of the state to the debate between heterodox and orthodox economics from section one. Remember the task is to write a final paper. How can you build from your previous essay towards that objective, or is it best to start fresh? Your essay needs to utilize key words and concepts, describe historically relevant events, people, and policies as they relate the legislation described in H. Res. 109. Evaluation will include three primary criteria to model the peer review process for academic scholarship. These criteria include: 1. The author followed directions. 2. The author displays a depth and breadth of understanding of the materials. 3. The author contributes to the scholarship by developing a strong thesis statement and develops a consistent argument supporting that thesis.

Developments in the Old Testament to the new Testament

Using the theme, SIN, note developments that the theme in the Old Testament to the New Testament, and show how the NT writes reinterpreted it. Discuss similarities , difference and changes to the meaning. Proving a separate outline to the paper. Distinguishing between paraphrases and direct quotes

Pick a Constellation from Greek mythology

Pick a constellation. You may pick a well-known constellation from Greek mythology, or if you wish, pick a lesser-known constellation from another culture. Insert an image of the constellation in your post (not link! insert an actual image!). Please write a short paragraph telling us a bit about the story, characters, origin, etc behind the pattern. Also, tell us the name and characteristics of the brightest star in the constellation, including: What does the star’s name mean? (if it has a fancy name) How far away is the star? What type of star is it? What are its size and temperature? Lastly, please list (preferably in a bulleted list) at least 4 other stars and/or deep sky objects in the constellation.