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October, 2018

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Research paper proposal on Horror movies

Choose movies that would be good to work on, and describe the ideas of what could be discovered and developed

Financial Analysis on SEARS Holding

I need a financial analysis for SEARS Holdings Corporation, to include revenue, net income, total assets, liabilities, stakeholders equity, cash flow statement, stock performance, and key ratio analysis.

Abolishion Of Slavery

Compare and contrast US and Latin American examples on how African slavery ended in the 19th century. Keep in mind that different US states had different laws, just as different Latin American -nations did. How did slavery end gradually in some regions and suddenly in others? -Compose an Original Post highlighting particular jurisdictions which had different historical trajectories for the abolition of slavery

A research paper on LeBron James.

A research paper on LeBron James with a little part on why he’s the Greatest Basketball player of all time

Why have you decided to pursue a Part-time MBA program

Why have you decided to pursue a Part-time MBA program at this point in your professional career? Describe why you have specifically chosen to apply to the Parttime Flex MBA Program, and how the program will support your short and long term goals.

Math for Liberal Arts

Research the history of any casino game and how it developed. Include the math finding the probability of at least 3 things related to the casino game. 

Experiences of workers in the second industrial revolution

What were the experiences of the American worker in the Second Industrial Revolution through World War II? In your answer, be sure to consider some of the critical labor strikes of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In what ways did workers try to improve their changes (including restricting and expanding membership)? Be sure to complicate your discussion by considering gender, race, ethnicity, citizenship, etc. Finally, how did the relationship between labor and the federal government change during the World Wars? Why?


In 1989, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) published its first voluntary safety program management guidelines. More recently, OSHA has proposed a standard that would change the voluntary guidelines to a mandatory, enforceable standard. Do you think that OSHA should issue this type of standard? Explain your reasoning.

Camp X Eric Walters

Reading Response only using the first 100 pages of the book. Must include direct quotes, setting descriptions, Main characters including protagonist/antagonist and 3 other major characters. Conflict, plot lines and themes also need to be included.

Global climate change: Past & contemporary trends

Global climate change: Past & contemporary trends