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July, 2018

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Code of Ethics in an Saudi Arabia Organization

Employee Relations Choose a Saudi Arabia organization and using internet resources, provide this organization’s Code of Ethics program, criticize its content and its contribution to the organization. The assignment has to deliverable: 1. Provide a word or pdf file with the organization’s Code of Ethics program. 2. Write one (1) page of critique and analysis 

Cyberbulling on Twitter

In the essay, can you explain what is cyberbullying, The effects of cyberbullying, why cyberbullying is bad on twitter, explain why it’s hard to fix cyberbullying on Twitter, a unique solution on how to fix it.

Vibrio cholerae

Neighbor predation linked to natural competence fosters the transfer of large genomic regions in Vibrio cholerae

Essay about one of the characters of the book just kids by Patti Smith

Write an analysis on a character of your choice. Characters MUST be chosen from any of the in-class readings. The analysis of that portrayal should come from you. An excellent essay will analyze the character in a way that conveys a deeper meaning than one gets from simply observing. Research should be incorporated to back up your analysis, the evidence should come from a scholarly, literary journal. You must use at least two peer-reviewed sources.

Two teamwork scenarios

Provide examples of two teamwork scenarios you have experienced professionally: one great experience and one challenging experience. Explain the team assignment/goal, your specific role and contributions, and what you learned about leadership and working towards a common goal from navigating through each situation. 

Strategies to ensure no contribution to promoting parental dependency

A. The failure of a person to display competence is not due to deficits within a person; but rather to the failure of social systems to provide or create opportunities for competencies to be displayed or acquired. What two strategies could you use to create opportunities for families to acquire and display competence? B. A common concern with developing IFSP with families is the issue of promoting dependency. What strategies could you use to ensure that you did not contribute to promoting parental dependency?

Effects of Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes pf preventable death globally

For Colored Girls by Ntozake Shange

Please choose and write on ONE of the questions below. Question: What is the overall message of for colored girls… and how does Shange convey it?

Impacts of American revolution

Essay on how the American revolution impacted history in a variety of ways and helped to inspire other revolutions around the world.What caused the American revolution?Who was impacted by this revolution both home and abroad?were there any other revolutions that started because of this one?what were the major impacts of the American revolution on American society?