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November, 2019

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How can state and federal agencies protect the United States borders while simultaneously protecting United States citizen freedoms?

Please use professional journals, reputable newspapers, books, government documents, interviews, magazines, internet, monographs, etc., but no encyclopedias. Do not simply copy from a friend, book, journal or internet. There is a strict plagiarism policy. Use references to support – or detract from – your own position. Use Times New Roman, 12 point, one inch margin all around, double spaced, 10 pages ( including bibliography & cover), 6 scholarly sources minimum. If you quote 5 lines or more, indent and single space. If less, put quotes around it and footnote – or bodynote – it. Choose MLA or APA citation format, indicate which format you are using on the cover page and stick to it throughout the paper. There are tons of help on the internet in this area. If you take an idea without quoting it exactly, it must still be attributed. Unless it’s common knowledge, such as “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” it must be attributed. Content – Main themes are identified and compared/contrasted with tremendous depth and completeness. All conclusions are supported by effective reasoning or through references to cited sources and assigned readings and class discussions. Writer provides Context for all new ideas that appear. Organization – Writing demonstrates a unified and consistent organization. The order and structure of the essay, paragraphs, and sentences are compelling and move the reader through the text easily to a logical conclusion. Convention – Grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and vocabulary usage are correct and appropriate for graduate level work. The tone is consistent and appropriate to the assignment. (Non-native English speakers may be given latitude here if pursuing ESL.)

The problems of bride burning in India

Your goal is to produce a research proposal (with a bibliography) which provides clear evidence of your growing understanding of the field of cultural anthropology, its concepts and research methods. Clearly your work must show a scholarly familiarity within the discipline of cultural anthropology focusing on a specific area or set of issues of concern in a specific area of study. In following the course syllabus students should note that we are covering a variety of issues within anthropology which give rise to a number of questions ranging from the ethics of doing fieldwork around the globe, to understanding the lives of others within their own cultural contexts (cultural relativism). Students are asked to write a proposal within the topical areas listed on this handout. If you are passionate about other ideas come and see your Professor in office hours to discuss other options

The Great depression

The paper should be about the Great depression from its start and cause its recovery to the end. Please give an outline on the first page, for example, 1. introduction; 2, The causes of the great depression; 3, The light monetary policy: The drastic decline in Norminal money supply. In each section, you should at least include:The bank failures, New York stock exchange, the decline in autonomous, consumption and investments, The trade restrictions, import tariffs, Nationalism and economies, The collapse of the gold; (Recovery from the great depression): Exparoinary monetary policy Roosevelt, Exparisionary Fiscal policy, The New Deal, The restructure of banks, The creation of the FDIC; (The lesson to learn): The mixed economy socialism capitalism, Peace leads to prosperity, War leads to economic depression; (Conclusion): personal opinions.

Artifact along the African trade Routes analysis

To evaluate the students’ understanding of the arts produced along the African trade Routes To cultivate excellent research and essay writing skills Select an artifact from the Caravans of Gold exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum and discuss its significance as an example of the arts produced along the Trans African Trade Routes. How does the artifact exhibit multiple influences of the global network of trade? Place the art within a historical context and discuss how the artifact of your choice exemplifies the values, politics and other impacts of that particular time and place.


Describe how hip-hop culture has a negative impact on teens.

Describe how hip-hop culture has a negative impact on teens.We should divide the ranking of hip-hop culture. Like film and television works, different levels correspond to different groups of people.Can focus on the impact of hip hop music

Compare and contrast western and East Asian systems of law and justice

1. Compare and contrast western and East Asian systems of law and justice 2. explain Confucian moral theory a practice explain the five constant virtues and the concept of ren 3. explain Confucian political economy and its lasting legacies 4. explain Confucian law 5. explain Confucian ritual theory 6. explain the characteristics of modernity and apply them to Confucian East Asia


Select 40 lines from the novel Kafka on the Shore that simplified the global issues and explain

Select 40 lines from the novel (Kafka on the Shore) that simplified the global issues and explain

The Best Solution to Waste Management

A circle economy being a great was to solve the waste management problem. The paper should identify ideas that others feel would be a better solution and then explain why the circular economy is best.

Human Resource Final project

Imagine you are an HR Manager and your boss has given you the project to conduct a 2-day intense training program for a group of (20) new manager-level employees at a large company here in Houston (you pick one). Then 2 managers per department have been hired…..(You must identify at least 10 different departments these managers will be reporting to and include their job titles). You need to prepare a proposal for the Vice-President of HR outlining your strategy for the 2-day training program. The interviewing and hiring is done, you need to onboard and train

Back story to company

Explain how the company started. Identify how long you have been in business. Identify the owner(s) of the business. Identify your management team. Explain what each will be doing for the company.