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Defining discourse community

efining discourse community Discourse community is “a group of people, members of a community, who share a common interest and who use the same language, or discourse, as they talk and write about that interest” (CCC). Discourse community is a term for the sorts of “groups within which we humans act out distinctive identities and activities” (Gee, “Discourse”). Specifically, Gee calls “writing-saying-doing-being-valuing-believing combinations” as “Discourse,” with a capital “D.” To him, “discourse” with a little “d” means “connected stretches of language that make sense, so “discourse” is part of “Discourse’’ (Gee, “Literacy” 6). Here are some examples of discourse communities: Asian/American community at Miami (an example of sociocultural, racial, or ethnic discourse communities) Yoga community (a discourse community forms around an activity or practice) Harry potter fans (fandom as a discourse community) International travelers on Instagram Faculty and students in a Studying Abroad Program (e.g. Fulbright scholarship program) Feminist discourse community surrounding the #metoo movement (an online discourse community) a multi-racial advocacy group against white supremacy foodies of a particular type of food Project description In this project, you will research a discourse community that is relevant and meaningful to your studies, professions, or life. The purpose goal of this research project is to understand how that discourse community works: how the chosen discourse community establishes, maintains, and knows itself. The discourse community you choose for Project 2 could be one of following types: a sociocultural or political community, perhaps one related to your identities, academic interests, professional goals, or personal life. a group formed around an activity or practice a group formed around an avocation (e.g. an artistic, hobbyist, or adventure society) a specific community within your academic discipline Specifically, the discourse community you choose needs to be: Option 1: a discourse community of another culture, in another country, or in another geopolitical place. Option 2: a discourse community that you’re not yet a member but want to become a part of, that is, a discourse community that deeply interests you but you’re not yet fully involved in or completely familiar with.

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