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October, 2019

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Analyze the PE ratio for Ford and GM

Analyze the PE ratio, price-to-sales for Ford and GM. What does it mean as PE ratio for Ford? How do you analyze the PE ratio? What is the perfect PE ratio? Is Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE:F) PE Ratio A Signal To Sell For Investors?

Do you think it is fair that municipalities can sell bonds on which the federal tax is not applied.

Please answer the following questions. Make sure all questions are answered completely with no plagiarism and grammar errors. One source per question and include a reference page. Do you think it is fair that municipalities can sell bonds on which the federal tax is not applied. What are municipal bonds and how are they used? 

Famous photographer

Research the work of a famous photographer or a photographic movement such as street photography.Describe the techniques applied. What are the legal concerns involved in photography. You will then compare street photography versus documentary photography.Tell why they inspired you.

What led the U.S. to enter World War I?

1. What led the U.S. to enter World War I?

2. In order to go to war, what measures needed to be taken to prepare to fight WWI? 3. Explain how the U.S. made peace with the other countries engaged in WWI Keep in mind that your Scavenger Hunt

3. Write up must consist of four paragraphs. For this class a paragraph consists of three sentences. Any ideas or words borrowed from other peoples’ work must be documented with a formal reference to the original author, to give this person credit for their ides you borrow and use in your discussion forum response.

Third World Cinema Essay

Examine the representational territories of the ‘Third World’ but also establish links between it and the larger history/ cultural politics of the West. As such, sample films from the regions indicated above, articulating the Third World ‘realities’, will be scrutinized to illuminate the social relations the films in form, their internal logic and the distinct forces which constitute them. In tandem with social, cultural and aesthetic analyses, the class will contemplate the complex dynamics through the ‘Third World’ constructs notions of society, identity and representation, as well as theoretical developments in the analyses of ‘Third World Cinema’

Summarize the Video, Psychology Disorders

Summarize the Video, Psychology Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28: ( in the beginning of your post. Diagnosing – Research a famous person whom you believe has had a mental disorder. (possibilities – Ted Bundy, John Hinckey, Charles Manson, etc.) 1. Write one page of the evidence in support of a particular diagnosis of a mental disorder. Psychology Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28: ( This video above along with the chapter will help you with your diagnosis. Make sure you list the symptoms.

The judicial review

Please list the component parts (built up case by case over time…) of judicial review. 1.Which case first established this power of the Supreme Court?

2.In what significant way does judicial review run counter to democratic theory?

3.How could a judiciary possessing such an overwhelming power still be considered the weakest of the three branches of government? Finally, in the spirit of checks and balances, how can the power of judicial review be countered by the people, and/or by their elected representatives?

Observation of west Indian day parade analytical paper

The objective of this assignment is to have you apply your understanding of the main thesis arguments of 3 to 4 articles from the Lambek course reader. You can use any of the articles in the reader. (Karen McCarthy Brown’s book Mama Lola can be used as one source but you will still need to use 2-3 additional articles from the Lambek reader or optional readings listed on the syllabus). Do not try to bulk up your paper by using outside sources (anything from the internet, articles not listed on syllabus etc.) as I will simply cross it out and not consider it as part of your 10-page paper. If you look on the internet for information then you are not doing this assignment correctly. The point of this paper is to show me you can read the assigned reading and apply your understanding of the reading to your own raw observation data. The emphasis of the final paper is analysis not observation (you need topic sentences & analysis in every paragraph). There are helpful guides and tips posted on blackboard. Drawing on themes and concepts of the course, what did your observation reveal about culture? Why is this important?

Wage Discrimination.

Why do you believe wage discrimination still exist today? Explain your reasoning. Please provide substantive responses