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March, 2019

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Discuss the treatment, status, and experiences of noble and royal women in the Middle Ages from the fifth

 A. Discuss the treatment, status, and experiences of noble and royal women in the Middle Ages from the fifth through the twelfth centuries in relation to how the different cultures—Germanic and Catholic Christianity—viewed women. How did the treatment and status of noble and royal women change over time? How were women viewed in monastic and clerical circles? B. Charlemagne admonished bishops; Pope Gregory VII condemned an emperor. Explain how these statements reflect the changes in church-state relations from ca. 800 to 1122 A.D. and how those changes were implemented. C. “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Explain how this quote from Charles Dickens might well apply to the conditions of life in Europe from ca. 1300 – ca. 1500, specifically to those people whose lives were directly tied to the land, the peasantry. This essay topic does not involve the nobility nor movements that had little impact at the time on the peasantry such as the Italian Renaissance.

Compare/Contrast Gilgamesh & Odyssey

Compare and contrast the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh with the Greek work The Odyssey. What is the plotline of each? What do each express as “heroic” qualities? What does each work tell about the culture they were written in? How are each impacted by the religion of their time?

Historical paper for Qing governance of China

Ethnic Chinese assistance would be essential for Qing governance of China. How did the Manchus persuade former subjects of the Ming to recognize the Qing (1636/44-1911) as the legitimate successor dynasty to the Ming? Enunciate a general principle, and then back it up with specific examples from the reading. sources will be provided.

How to Change Attitude by Persuasion

Explain how attitudes are changed through persuasion, and describe how attitudes and behavior influence one another.

Transport – driver less vehicles

It has been proposed that driverless vehicles will have a positive effect on the quality of transport and its impact on the environment. However, concerns have been raised about the widespread use of this technology. This the rest of the question ☝

Animal Assisted Therapy in Long Term Care Facilities

Objectives 1. Synthesis and analysis of findings from the five articles 2. Discuss current state of research-=based knowledge and potential to direct change in nursing practice. 3. Discuss potential impact on and relevance to nursing practice. 4. Well organized, demonstrates logical sequencing and structure. 5. Detailed, logical and accurate conclusions are reached from the evidence offered.

Mythology and the Trojan War

The thesis question I am attempting to answer is: What is the significance/impact of mythology on the Trojan War? The paper must be 6 pages in length. Double Spaced. Chicago Style. Times New Roman 12pt Font with separate reference page (PLEASE USE CREDIBLE PRIMARY SOURCES) Sources may include: Aeneid , Illiad, Odyssey, etc.

History of Airline Regulation

The History of Airline (De)Regulation In The United States/Aeronautics Online (


A research paper about Copper Alloys

Write a research paper about (copper alloys) Size 10 pages A4 including title page and references. Use Times New Roman 12, single spacing Provide a general concept, processing-structure-properties, major applications and explain why are these materials are used for those applications. Make links to class material (talk about phase diagrams). State all your sources in the References Section.