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October, 2016

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Pollen allergy paper

1,.Issues involve ideas that are controversial and there is no right or wrong solution, but your opinion needs to be supported by evidence and must also have some interesting biology associated with it. When presenting various sides of the issue it is important that there is a biological basis to support the various sides. Ethics are important, but arguments that only deal with what is moral or ethical are not sufficient. 2,Your paper should have three main components: problem posing, problem solving and persuasion. It is important that all three parts are not just present but are presented clearly and persuasively. And remember that the clarity of your writing is important, including organization, spelling and grammar. Use the following information to assist in the organization of your paper.1. Problem PosingThe issue should be clearly and explicitly stated in the introduction and remain as a focus through the entire paper. Part of your job is to convince the reader that this is an important issue and everyone should be concerned about it.2. Problem Solving and PersuasionConvince the reader that your opinion is correct, even if it falls somewhere between the extreme positions. You should support your opinion with evidence from your readings. Indicate the source of your evidence by using “in-text citations” (Appendix C), and then put a list of references at the end of the paper. Indicate the arguments from other sides of the issue. Give references in the format outlined in Appendix C.Tell us why these arguments shouldn’t convince us. In other words, you need to present all sides of the issue but convince us to agree with you. Most issues are not black or white so you may fall somewhere between the extreme positions. If that is the case then indicate what evidence is most convincing and what evidence is still weakly supported. Indicate what further evidence you would like to see to solidify your position.What does this problem and solution have to do with me? And/or what is its general significance to the world? This should sum up your essay and leave the reader thinking: “Wow, that is an important conclusion and I should act on it in some way.”You should include a reference section at the end of the paper. We will evaluate the quality and quantity of your references. Place the references in alphabetical order by author and use proper format.