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May, 2019

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The written assignment about ted talk

 Review on the Ted talk about the ethical dilemma of designer babies

relationship between social media and life

The relationship between social media and life. Should we be worry how we are distracted in this modern world? What is important issue we are distracted from? What are important we do not pay attention to? In this essay should mentioned 2 movies from Black Mirror- a series on Netflix 1. Fifteen Million Merits (season 1, episode 2) 2. White Christmas (season 2, episode 4) and ” The “glass floor” is keeping America’s richest idiots at the top and ” How TV trivialized our culture and politics.”

My career is in Nutrition/ dietitian

– How much will i be getting paid in this profession? 2- What will i be doing if i choose this profession? 3- What are the subject i will have to emphasize in if choose this profession? 4- Is there a demand for this profession? 5- How long does my major take to complete? 6- can i obtain a graduate degree in my profession? 7- where would i obtain my degree? 8- After this research, do i still want to pursue this degree? My career is in Nutrition/ dietitian

Write a reflection of on a workshop you attend on (Discover your True North).

Write a reflection of on a workshop you attend on (Discover your True North).
• Link the workshop to the personal development plan (Motivation) the competency you want to improve.
• Add 8 References (Kindly, include a screenshots of the References or links).
• Using Harvard Style.
• Please, refer to the attached document (Reflection guideline) include all the things mention on the papers.
• Note: write a subtitles and nuclide the details on the attached file beside every subtitle.
Details of the event/development activity
1. What happened
2. What was the experience
3. What was your role
4. What did other people do/What did you do.
5. What was the purpose?

Write paragraphs under each of the following:
Analysis of learning
Application in context
Reconstruct self-concept

How did the First World War influences the Second World War ?

How did the First World War influences the Second World War ? For example How did the end of the Second World War affects the causes of the Second World War, and what weapons were introduced in the First World War that became essential in the Second World War 

Climate Change and its effects

Discuss 3 effects of climate change to the envirinment

Healthy Family Focus

For this assignment you will need to address (using research evidence to back up points made):- Definition of the health problem itself (area of focus for the health-related product or health promotion campaign) The importance of this health problem in terms of the burden to society Factors that contribute/ relate/ predict the problem. Underlying issues behind these factors. People affected by the problem (target group) Within the target group identify those most likely/ most able to change. I am targeting Healthy family focus (on eating habits).