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Training vs. Development Analysis

Learning Activity 4.4: Training vs. Development Analysis Introduction and Purpose of Assignment Often training and development is considered the same thing. Shore (2015) provides the basic distinction between training and development. Training = Teaching New Skills Development = Perfecting Existing Skills Objectives • Analyze the difference between Training and Development. (4.3) Resources Shore, H. (2012, May 9). The difference between training and development. Retrieved from   • Training vs. Development.docx located in Course Documents in your e360 class. Instructions 1. Read the article referenced above and then download the document, “Training vs. Development” included in the Course Documents. 2. Complete the chart for each of the six scenarios discussed in the document. 3. Submit your exercise to your facilitator as an attachment in the dropbox titled 4.4 Training vs. Development Analysis by the end of the week

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