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July, 2019

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Neighborhood Assessment

In my Social Work Community and organization class, we’re completing Neighborhood Assessment as a group on neighborhoods in Tallahassee, FL. The Neighborhood that my group was assign was Frenchtown. We divided the assignment into section and the section that I’m over is school. In the file that’s attach it will list all the information that will need to be covered for the different schools. Kate Sullivan is one of the elementary schools listed in the area and I already covered that.

Consulting Plan paper

The task is to write a 2500 words consultion plan

Describe Japan’s industrial policy.

 Describe Japan’s industrial policy. How did government guidance and support lead to booming decades of growth, and what were the structural problems that became apparent in the 1990s? Why is Japan’s bureaucracy so powerful, and what prevents its reform? Should Japan take radical measures to eliminate its powerful iron triangle? Compare Japan’s current dilemma with France. In what ways are they similar and in what ways are they different?

Emotions paper

Check in with yourself and describe how you are feeling now we are getting close to being half way through the semester! Name 4 emotions (see below) that describe how you feel Comment on whether or not you have felt this way before Are these feelings different or the same as high school, last semester, or where you were in life before the semester started? Please give examples and remember to be reflective. MUST BE 1 PAGE TYPED (2 PAGE MAXIMUM) 1 page min. Positive feelings… absorbed, adventurous, affectionate, alert, alive, amazed, amused, animated, appreciative, ardent, aroused, astonished, blissful, breathless, buoyant, calm, carefree, caring, cheerful, comfortable, compassionate, complacent, composed, concerned, confident, contented, curious, delighted, eager, ebullient, ecstatic, effervescent, elated, enchanted, encouraged, energetic, engrossed, enlivened, enthusiastic, excited, exhilarated, expansive, expectant, exultant, fascinated, free, friendly, fulfilled, glad, gleeful, glorious, glowing, good-humored, grateful, gratified, happy, helpful, hopeful, inquisitive, inspired, intense, interested, intrigued, invigorated, involved, joyful, joyous, jubilant, keyed-up, loving, mellow, merry, mirthful, moved, optimistic, overjoyed, overwhelmed, peaceful, perky, pleasant, pleased, proud, quiet, radiant, rapturous, refreshed, relaxed, relieved, satisfied, secure, sensitive, serene, spellbound, splendid, stimulated, surprised, tender, thankful, thrilled, touched, tranquil, trusting, upbeat, warm, whole-hearted, wide-awake, wonderful, zestful. Negative feelings… afraid, aggravated, agitated, alarmed, aloof, angry, anguished, annoyed, anxious, apathetic, apprehensive, aroused, ashamed, beat, bewildered, bitter, blue, bored, broken, chagrined, cold, concerned, confused, cross, dejected, depressed, despairing, despondent, detached, disaffected, disappointed, discouraged, disenchanted, disgruntled, disgusted, disheartened, dismayed, displeased, disquieted, distressed, disturbed, downcast, downhearted, dull, edgy, embarrassed, embittered, enraged, exasperated, exhausted, fatigued, fearful, fidgety, forlorn, frightened, frustrated, furious, gloomy, guilty, harried, heavy, helpless, hesitant, horrible, horrified, hostile, humdrum, hurt, impatient, indifferent, intense, irate, irked, irritated, jealous, jittery, keyed-up, lazy, leery, lethargic, listless, lonely, mad, mean, miserable, mopey, morose, mournful, nervous, nettled, numb, overwhelmed , pained, panicky, passive, perplexed, pessimistic, rancorous, reluctant, repelled, resentful, restless, sad, scared, sensitive, shaky, shocked, skeptical, sleepy, sorrowful, spiritless, startled, suspicious, tepid, terrified, tired, troubled, uncomfortable, uneasy, unglued, unhappy, unnerved, unsteady, upset, uptight, vexed, wary, weary, wistful, withdrawn, woeful, worried, wretched.

Transportation Planning Assignment: that is actively promoting active transportation either through their infrastructure/built environment or policies.

For assignment ideas, take a look at the last page of Module 8 (titled “Assignment Ideas”) to see videos or articles that highlights different areas in the world that are implementing such measures. In Amsterdam, Netherlands, for example, there are extensive networks of bike lanes–making biking a very popular mode of transportation; and in Denmark, Copenhagen, there are dedicated bike bridges. In Bogota, Columbia, they close down the streets to cars on Sundays so that people can freely bike without any car traffic. Assignment Instructions: Please answer the following questions in numerical format to make it easier to match your answers to each question and give full credit. 1. Name the city that you have chosen, including the country and continent of its location. (3 points) 2. Which aspect of its city-design or policy-making is promoting active transportation and what year was it implemented? (2 points) 3. What factor(s) led this particular city design or policy to become a reality in the city? For example, was it through political means, a bike-culture in that city, pressure from citizens, promoting physical activity, curbing pollution, etc…)? (2 points) 4. Has this city design or policy proven successful in promoting active transportation, and why or why not? Prove your statement with statistical/factual data (2 points) 5. What are the major lessons from the city design or policy that could inspire other cities to follow their lead? Name at least two lessons. (2 points) 6. Would this city’s design or policy encourage you to bike or walk more (or the relevant active transportation mode)? Why or why not? (2 points) 7. What aspect of this city’s design or policy did you find the most interesting? 

Heresies in Relation to the Holy Spirit

Topic: Heresies in Relation to the Holy Spirit Please touch on heresies/ false doctrine ideas of Holy Spirit being feminine, Heresy of Spirit being it, Holy spirit being the force of God only instead of a full member of Godhead, Holy spirit being lesser than the Father and Son/and not being coeternal, Holy Spirit vs Holy Ghost (spirit=alive ghost=dead connotation/ misinterpretation of title) Holy Spirit not longer performing miracles, etc The Research Paper on one (1) topic that coincides with our course study will be a scholarly work. It must not only deal with the traditional elements of Pneumatology, but incorporate an application for the church and ministry in the twenty-first century. 

The best way to save endangered species

The assignment is to translate a (Natural science)scholarly article for a public audience. The professor gives no other instructions other than finding a study article and translating it from a magazine for instance or a website. this is the example she the professor had given us. Scholarly article– Magazine article–

Bad News Assignment

As the manager of a local grocery store, write a bad news memo to your customers regarding a new city law banning the use of plastic grocery bags. This requires your customers to purchase and bring their own reusable grocery bags or recyclable paper bags. 

Post-colonialism based on Ngugi’s assertion

At least one scholarly, outside source In a thesis-driven, highly analytical essay, critique Ngugi’s assertion that African authors—to craft “authentically” African literature—must write in an African language. Do you agree with Ngugi? What are some of the limitations of his suggestion that problematize his definition of African literature? Finally, although Ngugi concerns himself with African literature in a post-colonial context, because his ideas are rooted in a more general theory of language, his assertions have unexpected implications for all uses of language, even day-to-day, nonliterary ones. What are some of these implications? How can we apply what we’ve learned from Ngugi in our own lives? Explain.

Compare and contrast the Protagonists

Compare and contrast the Protagonists in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The End of Firpo in the World”