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April, 2019

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Developmental Psychology

This assignment is designed to facilitate your thinking about the content examined in this course and applications to the “real world”. You will pick a movie related to the issues of development and developmental psychology. Summarize the movie, making sure to focus on and describe which character’s development you are focusing on including aspects of biological development, cognitive development, and psychosocial development. Next, critically analyze the movie demonstrating your understanding of the theories and research reviewed throughout this course. For example, what developmental theories can be applied to this movie and the character you are focusing on? Are key concepts (e.g., ageism) demonstrated in the movie? What are some examples? How does context (e.g., culture, socioeconomic status) play a role in the character’s life? Lastly, provide a summary/ conclusion to your analysis. Remember, this is not just a summary or an opinion paper I will be looking for how effectively you highlight the connections between the movie and the course content and demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. You must address all three areas of development outlined in your text, biological, cognitive, and psychosocial. Highlight specific examples, assuming I have not seen the movie. It sometimes helps students to imagine that I know very little about developmental psychology so that your writing is focused with enough depth. Examples of movies students have chosen in the past: Parenthood, Matilda, Grumpy Old Men, Diary of a Whimpy Kid, Twilight, Grease, Precious, Goonies, Lean on Me.

Explaining and discussing two cruxes in the poem the Twelfth night

Explain and go into depth about two cruxes found in the poem the twelfth night Along with this i need Embedded quotes from the play and sources

Constructivism (modernist movement and critique its manifesto and output

Constructivism (modernist movement and critique its manifesto and output. How does the work produced by this movement reflect its objectives and ideals? How does it relate to graphic design and the social issues we face today? Do contemporary corollaries exist? How does this movement connect to your experience and philosophy as a designer? gives three examples of what you’re saying, then describes what you said. ask a question that you cannot answer and see where it takes you. Does Constructivism make sense today? Is the nihilism of Constructivism a cop-out? Is Constructivism an effective philosophy in 2018? Were the Modernists naive? Egotistical? Could new movements emerge today? 

Discuss why breast-feeding is the preferred method for infants?

Discuss why breast-feeding is the preferred method for infants? Compare breast-feeding with alternative commercial formulas that are available for bottle-fed infants. What would you tell your patient who is deciding between breastfeeding and formula feeding?

Environmental issues- Reduction ecological footprint, recycling and consumption habits

Environmental issues- Reduction ecological footprint, recycling and consumption habits. Write a paper on Reduction ecological footprint, recycling and consumption habits. Come up with ways that you can decrease your ecological footprint? What factors affect an ecological footprint?Reflect on why it is important to reduce your ecological footprint?

Performance Appraisal Writing

Read and identify case elements necessary to produce a fair, objective, and complete performance appraisal. Write clear, literate, varied sentences appropriate for a performance appraisal Identify and summarize specific examples relevant to a performance appraisal. Expand knowledge of performance appraisals and their value to an organization .Expected Student Outcomes: Demonstrate ability to properly prepare a performance appraisal Show ability to properly assess professional behaviors and performance Write an effective and professional performance appraisal Expand interpersonal skills


Circular flow, demand and supply

Follow these guidelines that  will assist you: What is circular flow? ? What does it depict? ? What does it illustrate?  How many different versions of the model we have today? Leakages and Injections within the model? Provide a comprehensive analysis of the model (use tables and figures from the literature – academic journals and internet). After the analysis of the circular flow, make the connection with the demand and the supply. ? Use your own examples to present all possible variations of the determinants (both demand and supply) and how they are related with the circular flow; for example, if income increases, what happens to the demand and what impact this change may produce t‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍o the circular flow. ? More specifically, use figures to present the change in the determinant and then make the connection with the circular flow. ? Present only the one case of the determinants; for example, if you present the determinant of income increase, you don’t have to present the opposite (decrease). ? Always with reference the circular flow, give examples how the determinants of demand and supply affect the economic agents and their decisions. In doing so, have always in mind 1) to define the basic concepts, terminology and graphical techniques of microeconomics theory and how they are related, and 2) analyse the behavior of economic agents and the impact on their economic decisions using problem solving technique.

Reassessing Baraka poetry

1. Read the play, ‘Dutchman’ only from page 1 to 22 in the upload file 2. a) Read Poetry Foundation’s biography on Amiri Baraka: b) Read “Historical Overview of the Black Arts Movement” in the attachment c) Read “Legend of The Flying Dutchman, Ghostly Apparition of the Ship of Captain Hendrick:” 3. Now that you’ve read into the historical context surrounding Amiri Baraka himself and the play Dutchman, you will reconsider some initial thoughts and reactions you had upon first reading Dutchman and compose a post that answers the following questions: a) How has the historical research helped you better understand the play? b) What questions did you have about Dutchman that are now, at least somewhat, clarified through this research? 4. After you’ve posted your response, read the following post, then offer your thoughts: “I had a hunch that the play was written during the 60’s. Specifically, the reference to racial violence as a means to attain rights previously deprived of African Americans to me screamed of Malcolm X and the Black Power Movement. Learning more context about when and by whom the play was written has confirmed my suspicions. I would say that the character of the white American who is aware of Black culture, happily consuming it, without nuance is still a relevant character today. A good example of this might be the white person with dreadlocks. They feel they might be doing Black culture a favor by donning the hairstyle, when in fact they are co-opting it. I think this kind of discussion can be confusing for white people. We might feel easily threatened when we are told that we are wrong, but we must look past individual selves and strive to see things through a broader social and cultural perspective. I am familiar with the legend of the Flying Dutchmen so that as not a surprise to me. However, I didn’t give the title much thought until several days after first reading the work. To me the title represents the idea that while Black Americans might come close to port (acceptance into the American middle class experience, they are actually damned to eternally be out to sea (poverty, segregation, lack of opportunities). I still wonder what the other passengers on the subway might represent, though I have some theories. Are they representations of other whites? Or maybe passive African Americans that see injustice but all to quickly forsake justice for their own comfort and upward social mobility?”