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Queerness in photography

The proposal is constructed of 3 parts: Part 1. Working thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the focusing point of your paper, whether argumentative or expository. Your thesis statement should be one single declarative sentence. This is a “working” thesis statement as revision and refinement are expected by the end of the research process. Refer to the Purdue OWL for the elements of a strong thesis statement. Part 2. Abstract An abstract is a summary of your paper topic that concisely explicates the focus of your paper along with some supporting details in support of your thesis. Think of it as a “sales pitch” for your topic and focus. The abstract should be in the neighborhood of 300-500 words. Part 3. Annotated bibliography The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to show that there is available research for your focus as well as a summary of how you intend to use the material of the research text to support your thesis. Each annotated bibliography entry should have the publication information of the source in either MLA or APA format along with your summary of the source. 3 sources are required for the proposal

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