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Corporate Strategy and Performance Measurement

You are required to work in teams of three or four and develop various strategies for your business. You will use the simulation software ProSim Advanced by EduMundo to reflect on various strategic decisions and produce a team report as a result (max. 3000 words, worth 40%). Please keep a logbook (justification box) about meetings, decisions made etc. The strategic analysis will entail an assessment of the current strategic position of the organisation and of strategies developed for future growth. The team report should incorporate the following: Q1. Introduction to the report (incl. purpose and structure) and an overview of the current situation of the business, i.e. current financial position, internal and external environmental analyses incl. a macro-level, competitor & resource analysis. ca. 400 words 2. A detailed strategic plan for years 4-7 including a vision and mission for the organisation, long-, medium- and short-term objectives, potential corporate and business level strategies and financial expectations. Evaluate at least two potential strategies and, using academic literature (at least 5 references), identify potential effects using a causal map. ca. 600 words Below is the Link to the simulation (Edumundo) Login Game – Kent University Prosim 2019 Login Name – Lona Login Password – rWKMgy5T Club Cycle is the name of the Company to focus on once logged into the simulation. Q1 All the required information about the financial position, internal and external environment analysis etc can be found once you login to the simulator. The information optained will be used to write report, this report has to be directly tailored to the findings. It cannot be vague or guessed. Include 8 – 10 references Question 2 This should be based on what is realistically achievable, also based on your findings include relevant theory if possible. and at least 6-8 references for this section Minimum of 15 references total.

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