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Multicultural Project

To provide experience in building a cultural values proposition for a company with current or desired customers who identify as members of different subculture communities. You should identify the cultural “touch points” that would build relationships with customers from two Cleveland subcultures. 1. You have been appointed Business Development Manager for the Cleveland Orchestra. You have direct responsibility for initiatives that will bring new audiences to next year’s concert season while maintaining the current customer base. 2. First, research Cleveland Orchestra to form a good understanding of its business and customer base. 3. Describe how to build a Cultural Values Proposition. 4. Use the concepts in Chapter 3: “Transcultural marketing: Developing a Cultural Values Proposition” to determine what might be “touch points” for people 1) who know & have attended Cleveland Orchestra concerts in the past, and 2) who don’t know about Cleveland Orchestra or who have never attended a concert. Identify possible “touch points” for each group. 5. Recommend actions that would build a cultural values proposition for consumers in each group on behalf of the Cleveland Orchestra. Consider obvious areas such as media, shopping environment, and causes, but “think outside the box” also.

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