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Air pollution in Beijing, China

Describe the air pollution in china and the world in general.

Ozone layer is a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs the harmful UV radiation from the sun). Here you can also establish the environmental implication of your topic (e.g. if you are describing a chemical, this chemical may be relevant to atmospheric pollution). III. Discussion: This section forms the main body of the report. The Discussion should be divided into 3 parts: A. An outline or overview of the pertinent techniques and/or chemical reactions. This part describes all the chemical reactions, catalysts, techniques and/or experiments that are relevant to your topic. If the reaction is a catalytic process, you can discuss the catalytic mechanism that speeds up the reaction. Since you are writing mainly about a chemical topic, in this part you can describe any scientific technique that is relevant to the study of your objective. For example, if you are discussing CO2 levels in the atmosphere you could describe how current levels are monitored and how historical levels are determined. This part also incorporates all the relevant data in the form of graphs, tables, charts, etc that you think support your development of the topic. It could be data from landmark experiments or milestone achievements or routine research. B. Identification of a current problem that is being faced on this topic In this part, you should identify and discuss a current problem or the effects that are being faced with respect to your chosen topic. The problem should be related to Chemistry and Society or the Environment (e.g., Global warming). Why is solving this problem relevant? Your views should be insightful and clear. C. A current solution to remedy the problem. Finally, you should round out the topic by considering a current solution that is being implemented and exploited to remedy the problem. What are the positive aspects of this solution? Does it work? Does it lead to other problems? IV Conclusions:


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