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EGL 1010 Argumentative Research Paper Assignment

EGL 1010 Argumentative Research Paper Assignment Students in EGL 1010 are required to complete a 6 to 8 page research paper. Since this is a research paper, you will be required to include a bibliography with at least 5 sources.

EGL 1010 Argumentative Research Paper Assignment

The paper should use Font size 12 or 13, and the paragraphs need to be double-spaced. Each paper needs to have a title page as well. Paper Topics:

By the middle of the term, you will need to decide on a research topic to explore and develop. For this assignment, you will need to state a position and support it using examples and research. We will discuss a number of possible topics in class, but your chosen topic should be focused and academically appropriate. Past student topics have covered issues ranging from immigration policy to regulations regarding K-12 education.

You will need to narrow your topic to fit the assigned length of 6 to 8 pages. We will go over all of the paper topics briefly in the discussion board. If you wish to work on your paper early, feel free to discuss a topic with me before it is due. If you wish, you can use the same topic and some of the same writing from your Cause and Effect essay. You can even use the same sources if they are useful. However, you will need to make sure the information and tone fits in with this argumentative approach.

Remember that the overall goal is to write a well written essay that argues for or against a particular issue. Annotated Bibliography and In-Text Citations: The annotated bibliography for this assignment should be turned in before the research paper. It should include at least five sources. Two of the sources must be from the PGCC library databases. You may use the Internet to find and print journal articles and locate research materials. However, all of the sources should be reliable and offer credible evidence to help you construct your own research paper.


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