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Analysis essay based on the Kite Runner

Analysis essay based on the Kite Runner Essay 4: Literary Analysis (200 points)

Analysis essay based on the Kite Runner

You should Review the power point in the essay 4 folder on “Literary Analyses”. As well as The Little Seagull or the CCBC or Purdue OWLs
Two, you must mention the title of the novel and the author’s last name in your introduction.
You must cite the novel and add it to your works cited page
Lastly, you will need an arguable thesis just as you have for your other papers. The thesis must be analytical, not evaluative (You are not passing judgment on the novel, but rather interpreting meaning).

You should pay careful attention to language in the text, especially figurative language and other imagery and interpret what the symbolic meaning might be.
You should notice patterns, themes, motifs and consider what they might mean.
Also, you should pay attention to particular time frames and settings and how these come into play in your analysis.
You should consult academic, scholarly journals/articles to support your arguments.

Assignment Suggestions:

Thematic Analysis: Courage, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Guilt, Deception, Redemption, Forgiveness, Brotherhood, are just some of the themes we see emerge in this novel. Choose one theme only and illustrate how this specific theme is portrayed in the novel. For example, what constitutes true “courage, redemption, brotherhood, etc.”? What are the key moments when specific characters portray this characteristic or when readers see this theme emerge and why is it important? Use specific examples from the novel to support your argument as well as academic sources from the Library.

Character Analysis: Write an analysis of one of the major characters in the novel based on one or two of the themes from the novel. You will need to look at the historical time frame and setting of the character and offer researched support for the analysis of how that time frame/historical events affected the character and/or their ultimate outcome.


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