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“Effects of Trade Wars in Global Technology Markets”

There is a term paper that counts for a third of your grade. The topic will be: “Effects of Trade Wars in Global Technology Markets.” I intend for you to learn about the market for telecommunications and data storage equipment and infrastructure, as well as the role that leading global companies play in competing for aspects of that market. Your research will be aimed at identifying the business sectors that are dependent upon global supply chains and outsourcing, and the potential ramifications of governmental disagreements on trade policies between trading blocks of the global marketplace. Papers are to be 10 pages, double spaced (title page not counted), with 10 citations from the international business literature. The journals in which you can find information to support your paper are in our Library and are generally accessible digitally. I will provide you with examples, but Journal of Business Studies, Journal of Global Information Technology Management, Journal of Global Information Management, and European Journal of Information Systems are good sources that are all available through the La Tech library’s ABI/INFORM Global full-text database, for easy online search. The fact that I permit you to access these articles digitally does not mean that I am accepting a google search for your bibliography. It must be ten proper journal cites, with the proper bibliographic references to the journals, not ten web pages with URLs. Ask me for further details if you are not clear on this requirement. I want you to use reputable scientific journals that focus on international business. Your bibliographical citations should be in either APA or MLA format.

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