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PowerPoint Presentation on cars and gender identity

TOPIC: CARS AND GENDER IDENTITY Create a PowerPoint presentation using ONLY the 10 sources listed below. (DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE). Include various images of Bentley s (car) in your PowerPoint relating to the topic. Add one relevant video to PowerPoint. Powerpoint should be 6 slides. 1. Cohen, M. G. (2017). Climate Change and Gender in Rich Countries: Work, Public Policy, and Action. New York: Taylor & Francis. 2. DiNuzzo, E. (2019). Are men better drivers than women? Retrieved from Reader’s digest: 3. Husband, C., Alam, Y., Huttermann, J., & Fomina, J. (2016). Lived diversities: Space, Place and identities in the multi-ethnic city. Policy Press. 4. Kaufman law. (2018). Why men are more risky drivers than women. Retrieved from Kaufman law: 5. Meyboom, A. (2018). Driverless Urban Futures: A Speculative Atlas for Autonomous Vehicles. New York: Taylor & Francis. 6. Parkin, K. J. (2017). Women at the Wheel: A Century of Buying, Driving and Fixing Cars. Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press. 7. Redshaw, S. (2012). In the Company of Cars: Driving as a Social and Cultural Practice. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. 8. Sample, I. (2004). Why are men worse drivers than women? Retrieved from The Guardian: 9. Seeker (Director). (2014). Are men better drivers than women? [Motion Picture]. Retrieved from 10. Walsh, M. (2004). Automobile in American Life and Society. Retrieved from UMICH:

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