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Women rights to pass citizenship in Qatar

By allowing women to pass her citizenship( I want it to be in the case of Qatar) as a country, what will happen! To use an argument and an argument against to it. For example, ( use the same points mentioned and build more and add references to them) 1- Not everyone is standing with the idea of giving the right for the Qatari women to pass her citizenship to her kids. one of the argument that people raise against such law to be implemented is that, the Qatari identity will be mixed and hybird and this will result in un pure Qatari identity. But the question is would giving the Qatari passport to those kids will really change and cause an imbalance in the identity that they call pure Qatari? First, what Is the identity? And is there a practice that relates an identity to the passport a person can hold? Is there what they created in their mind as pure Qatari ? identity portrayed in different forms and ways. You can use cite and papers or article to support your position. “We can falsify this notion that anyone is pure,” says population geneticist Lynn Jorde of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Instead, almost all modern humans “have this incredibly complex history of mixing and mating and migration.” Another point you can raise, The mother is the helper, the teacher who teaches the language and how can we practice tradition and behavior. Second, citizenship can pass to the paternal side, when a Qatari father is married to non-Qatari mother the kids will have the Qatari passport nationality, by such situation why there is no any voices against the pure identity. Also, having a non-Qatari mother in that case will case a mixture of identitites for those kids. Why when is it the women, her kids identitiy is questioned? Explore counter arguments – come up with identity ? would this really affect the identity of Qatari identity? You should apply this both sides not only to women. 2- Would giving those kids a parrport or Qatari nationality would really affect the Qatari Economy? Is getting the Benefits of being Qatari – will add a pressure in budgets, and it yes , would this will be realy significant ? and lead to the prevention of this law to be passed? ( use number to represent the situation and economic situation of Qatar as a country) – naturalization and effect in Qatari economy

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