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Why Teams Do not Work

Write at least a 4 full page APA format paper based on a critical analysis and application of project team ideas presented in an interview published in Harvard Business Review.

1. Hackman proposes a number of different reasons why the team concept may be ineffective. Based on your personal experience as a member and/or leader of a team in professional, personal, or academic settings, identify and explain the two most salient and accurate parts of Hackman’s arguments. Provide examples to support your positions. 2. Select one or more of Hackman’s ideas and critically analyze it. Offer a rebuttal to the conclusions he draws. Are there other perspectives we could consider? Draw from your own experience as well as textbook and external sources to support your position. 3. What specific actions or project management/organizational behavior best practices can a project manager implement to prevent or minimize the issues Hackman identifies in fostering effective teams?


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