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Why I chose to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Why I would make a good one?

My Situation: Hello writer, so I’m applying to graduate school and I need a “Personal Statement” written. The program is a “Nursing” field, it would help if you’re familiar with nursing/medicine. “Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner” (Psych NP) is the graduate program I seek to apply to. Please do some research on this profession to have some insight while writing this essay. I’d like it to be as personable and believable as possible. It would help to draft a nursing scenario that inspires me to become a Psych NP maybe? I don’t have experience in Psychiatric care. I work with the general med surgical patients and telemetry/cardiac patients, but I want it to show that my experience is able to crossover and can be useful to our psych population. I desire to work outpatient psychiatry. I also want to touch a bit on mental health in America, maybe stigma, the lack of resources, etc. some current issue that I’d like to help tackle out there in the psych world. I have also had personal struggles and sought out therapy, maybe we could touch on that as well. I want to help minorities who battle with mental health issues as well, reach communities where mental health services are really lacking…. Best Regards, War Instructions for the assignment copied from school website: Graduate Essay The mission of the School of Nursing is to provide accessible, high quality undergraduate and graduate education to diverse student populations for the development of nurse leaders at all entries of practice. The mission will be accomplished through: Innovative programs that reflect the needs and current trends in healthcare of neighboring communities and the wider geographic regions; Provision of state-of-the-art healthcare and serve as a resource to the surrounding and global communities; Research that advances the scientific and theoretical foundations of nursing. How to answer the essay question The essay question needs to address the following topics: Discuss the personal qualities and attributes that you think will be useful as well as those that you feel need further development in preparation for the nursing profession. Provide your own definition of cultural competence, ethical sensitivity, leadership and life-long learning as well as how you may incorporate these concepts in your professional practice. Discuss how a graduate education in nursing will impact your future career goals. To enter your essay, do the following: Compose your essay using MS Word, MS Works, Notepad, etc. Save the document with a ‘.doc’, ‘.txt’ or ‘.rtf’ file extension. Your essay should be no more than 3 to 5 double spaced typed pages.

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