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Classical Writers

THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET – Do you agree with the author’s point of view?

1. Do you agree with the author’s point of view? Why or why not? Explain. 2. What distractions (wording, wordiness, content, story-line, subject matter, writing style) did you have while trying to comprehend the story? Explain these distractions and describe if or how you were able to overcome these distractions. 3. What is the purpose of the story and explain why you think so? 4. Were there parts of the story you had to reread in order to fully comprehend? If so, what lines or paragraphs did you reread, and why were these passages difficult for you? 5. What visual images did you see, and/or what sounds did you hear while reading the story? 6. What reading strategies did you use to help you comprehend the text? Explain and describe how and where you used the reading strategies in the text. 7. Give one question you would like to ask the author of the text that was not directly answered in the reading. Explain why you think the answer to the question is an important element to the reading of the text. 8. What was hard about reading the story and why (complex vocabulary, boring, hard to follow)? Give examples. 9. What thoughts, connections, or memories went through your mind as you were reading the story? Explain. 10. Did you make any predictions about the story as you read it? What predictions did you make; which ones actually occurred?

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