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retail report and retail mix of staples canada

The retail report should specifically:1) identify the retailer’s target market, 2) describe the retailer’s retail mix, 3) critique the retailer’s retail mix(focusing only on areas for potential improvement), and 4) offer practical recommendations for improvement. Students should ensure that their research relates to a specific Winnipeg-located retailer and cites minimum of at least eight different,significant sources of secondary information. The report should contain the following sections: Title Page 1 page Table of Contents 1 page Executive Summary 1 page Body of the Report 7 pages (1… 7) Appendices as necessary (ensure proper referencing from the body of the report) The report should use: 1.A.P.A. style, 2.third-person voice,present tense (recommendations may use future tense), 3.12 point font with double-spacing, 4.essay form(some semi-point may be used), 5.Introduction, Target Market, Retail Mix, Critique, Recommendations, and Conclusion section headings 6.proper citation of all sources of information.

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