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Research on meaning of dreams and interpretation of dreams

MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1. a COVER PAGE 2. A 1 PARAGRAPH ABSTRACT OF YOUR PAPER 3. Proper APA style citations 4. A RUNNING HEAD (i.e.the TITLE OF YOUR PAPER MUST BE ON EVERY PAGE, EXCEPT THE BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE). 5. Bibliography of at least 8 different sources, and they must be identified as such: i.e,, radio, tv, newspapers, magazines, the internet, podcast, Journal, Blog, conference notes, and any other means to gather information.). ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS 1. Describe what dreams are why we dream, and please research the many theories of why we dream, why some of us don′t dream, and why some of us dream in color, or black and white. 2. Describe how psychologists/psychiatrist interprets dreams. 3. Describe what some popular dreams mean and why they mean what a psychologists says they are dreaming. 4. Describe why some people don′t dream, or can′t dream, and what can be done about this. 5. Please review the many theories around what dreams mean in different cultures/countries.

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