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Research and analysis on Gladwell’s book

Since Outliers was written ten years ago, surely there has been plenty of research into the areas Gladwell’s book covers! Use the essay as an opportunity to help the reader see a particular area the book explores—and what’s changed since then. Has there been new research? Have new programs been devised to help change the unfair advantages in a particular area? What new problems have emerged—or what old problems still remain? You’ll want to pick just one area here. For instance, you could consider the college admissions process, or if there are changes in early sports experiences to help leave less to chance birthdays, and so on.  That the piece explores subject matter as outlined in the prompt. They could be research reports, as Gladwell often used (like Ericsson’s research into the number of hours of practice required for mastery). The quality of the sources will be a major factor here. That the piece feature a Work Cited for sources used. Be sure to make an entry for Gladwell. You’re welcome to use the Meg Jay piece or even Hamilton, if it were relevant (it could be).

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