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How kindergartners deal with instant gratification

This is a research proposal so your introduction and method sections should be the bulk of the paper. The method should include subsections for Participants, Materials and Measures, and Procedure. These should be written in future tense. The method should show that the past literature has inspired your choices of procedures and measures. Operational definitions should be appropriate, and the method should allow the hypotheses you propose to be tested. Predicted Results: While you will not have results to report, this section will describe what comparisons you would make, what relationships you would measure, and what statistical analyses you will use, to test the hypotheses you offer. This section should also specifically describe what you would expect to find. Quality: This assesses how well-written the paper is (including grammar, spelling, etc.), how well the idea is developed, the sophistication and innovation of the idea, and how much importance the author conveys to the reader regarding the proposed problem.

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