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Ethical Considerations Case Study

1. Recognize and describe in detail all ethical behaviors present, and provide a clear and detailed example of ethical challenges faced by the criminal justice professionals involved. 2. Explain potential results of unethical behaviors, including inaction when witnessing unethical behaviors. 3.Discuss options when faced with such ethical dilemmas and identify plans for how to navigate or avoid these challenges and how to remain professional in the performance of duties. 4. Articulate how various criminal justice agencies and other organizations interacted this scenario. Explain what was positive, and what could be improved upon and how. NUMBER 5 HAS TWO QUESTIONS. BOTH HAS TO BE ANSWERED. 5. Explain what you found and believe to be the cause of this behavior to include underlying causes and history. ALSO, explain how this behavior can be corrected to deter recidivism or future offenses. Apple theories if necessary. 6. Explain what interviewing, counseling or crisis intervention techniques were used, and could have been used during this scenario. 7. Describe what legal principles of criminal justice or constitutional law are present within this scenario, and how they help or hinder the criminal justice professionals involved.

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