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Drug Trafficking from a Global perspective

A look at drugs as a transnational crime and description on the War on Drugs and drug trafficking problems using the case study( Colombia and United States of America war on drug) to provide some form of critical analysis of the problem you are exploring. 

An Abstract of a maximum 300 words should accompany the presentation. Assignment type Presentation – a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. Assignment structure and format The presentation is a 20-minute critical analysis of a topic rather than just a talk about a subject. Ideally it should contain the following elements: Introduction/Background – The focus of the presentation, that is, what it is about, will be clearly described in the introduction and this will also set out how the presentation is organised. The intention should be to give the audience enough information to be interested and engaged but not so much that everything is given away at this early stage. Importantly, it should be clear where the introduction ends, and the main body of the presentation discussion begins. Main Body – In the main body of the presentation, the argument should proceed in logical fashion with one point clearly following on from another. One device for achieving this is to use sub-headings and to group different points onto a series of slides with each new slide signifying to the audience that a new direction or specific point in the presentation is about to be taken. Conclusion – The conclusion should summarise the key points that have been in the presentation and reflect on the overall question asked and answered within the presentation.

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