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discussion on job categories and job analysis in Canada

Research examples of jobs from each of the Categories of Labour in Canada: 1.Unskilled Labour 2. Semi-skilled Labour 3. Skilled Labour 4. Professional Labour For each of the four jobs you choose, what are the jobs’ average salaries in Canada? What kind of payment do these jobs receive? (hourly wages, commission, piecework, performance-based pay, etc.) Write about if you think these salaries and payment types are fair, or unfair. (100-150 words each= 400-600 words) CITE SOURCES!!! PART B: Pretend you have graduated college and are starting your first full-time job. What job is it? What type of payment do you want to receive? Why? What benefits would you like to receive? Why? Would your answers be different if you were 35 years old? Explain.

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