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Critical Essay on a Global Criminology and Policing topic

7.1.1Assessment 1-EssayThe following table provides an overview of the assessment requirements.Assessment Brief: Assignment 1 EssayModule codeCRM4251Module titleGlobal Criminology and PolicingSubmission date, timeWednesday 8January 2020, 5pmFeedback type & dateFeedback will be provided by module tutors using the comments box on Turnitin. Feedback will be provided by 30/01/20.Word count2,500 words.Assignment typeCritical Essay.Assignment structure, formatand detailsThe essay requires you to critically examine some form or dimension of transnational crime and its control (policing) or critically compare approaches to criminal justice in one or more countries. The sorts of things you are being tested on include: how much research you have done; how well you are able to summarise, synthesise and analyse the information you have collated; the ability to assess the reliability and validity of this information; the ability to identify interesting issues and debates and to think critically about them; the ability to construct a logical argument with clear conclusions; and how well this information is presented, including the correct citation of sources consulted, cited and quoted. Ideally it should include the following informationwith appropriate titles:Introduction/Background–The focus of the assignment, that is, what it is about, will be clearly described in the introduction and this will also set out how the assignment is organised. The intention should be to give the reader enough information to be interested and engaged but not so much that everything is given away at this early stage. Importantly, it should be clear wherethe introduction ends,and the main body of the assignment begins,and this applies to both written work and presentations. Main Body –In the main body of the assignment, the argument should proceed in logical fashion with one point clearly following on from another. One device for achieving this is to use sub-headings (as in this document) which signify to thereader that a new direction in the assignment is about to be taken.Conclusion–The conclusion should summarise the key points that have been in the assignment and reflect on the overall question asked by the assignment. Global Criminology and Policing CRM425119CRM4251 Module Handbook 2019-20_updated 300919[Global Criminology & Policing]Bibliography–The essay should contain a fullbibliography of all references used within the essay.`These should be formattedusing Harvard referencing style. Please see the library referencing guide and do use http://www.citethemrightonline.comPlease double space your work and use an appropriate font (e.g. Times New Roman) in size 12.Assessed learning outcome (s)The essay assesses Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Learning Outcomes 1,2 and 3 identify that students will be able to: 1. Critically assess the concept of globalisation in respect of crime, policing and crime control; 2. critically evaluate transnational forms of crime, crime control and policing and evaluate the importance of a transnational policing approach to contemporary international crime problems; 3. critically assess theoretical and methodological issues in comparative policing studies and apply these principles to analysing the diversity in international approaches, and the implications for policy and practice Learning Outcome 4 identifies that the successful student will be able to: 4. Effectively explain the significance of globalisation and its effects to contemporary international or transnational crime problems and assess the effectiveness of global crime initiatives in addressing transnational crime and its control or comparing approaches to criminal justice in one or more countriesAssessmentweighting %50% of overall gradeKey readingand learning resourcesThe precise reading and learning resources will be determined by the essay question you choose and you will need to independentlyresearch specific texts in order to address your essay question. The following key course texts are likely to be useful for a wide range of essay topics: Aas, K.F. (2013) Globalization andCrime London: Sage Pakes, F. (2014) Comparative Criminal Justice, Abingdon: Routledge Bowling, B. and Sheptycki, J. (2012) Global Policing, London: Sage.

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