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Career Assessment Summary Paper

For many assignments in this class you receive full credit for completing the assignment thoroughly according to the instructions. This paper is graded more rigorously according to the following rubric: 1) 65 points for completing all assessments required and interacting with each assessment according to the outline for your paper 2) 44 points for writing 1400 words minimum (approximately 4 full pages in standard font size doublespaced) 3) 21 points for the level of thought, critical analysis and how well-written your paper is written. I want you to think critically about your results. What do they mean? Are they helpful? Why did you get the results you did? The following is an outline for you to follow:  Internet Assessment #1 & #2 1. Assessment #1  What are your top three categories based on the six listed: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional? What does each category mean?  Are you surprised that these three were the highest for you? Do you agree/disagree? Why or Why not?  What two occupations interest you most in your top three categories? Why? 2. Assessment #2  How did the results of this assessment compare to the first. Which do you think is more accurate? Why? 3. What is your overall impression of these assessments? Do you find them helpful? What are the positive and negative aspects? 4. List some careers based on your results that you may want to pursue  Internet Assessment # 3 & 4 (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) 1. What is your type and what does each letter indicate? 2. Discuss your personality type in detail based upon information from the websites as indicated on the Career Assessment Instructions. 3. After reading information about your type on the websites mentioned above, do you agree or disagree with your results? Why or Why Not 4. List some careers based on your results that you may want to pursue  Internet Assessment Internet Assessment #5 1. After taking the skills profiler, what are your top 10 strongest skills? 2. What are some skills that you need to develop? 3. What occupations came up that interest you?  Internet Assessments #6 1. How do your values (Bag of Five Values) match up with your results on the Work Importance Profiler? Do you see any relationships or connections? This connections can be difficult to see sometimes. As an example, if you included some object as a reference to your family as one of your top five values, you need to be sure you choose a career that gives you time for your family and does not require so much time that you are always gone from home.  Discuss your results from Assessment #7 Make Money Choices in detail. How do those results relate to any decisions you make about a career?  Overall Summary: (This section should be completed based upon your results from all of the self-assessments you have completed in this class.) 1. What career options were presented that you have never considered before? 2. How do the results of each assessment compare to one another? Do they contradict or support one another 3. Do you feel that your results were accurate? 4. Do you fell that your results were helpful? Why/Why not? 5. Have you come to any decisions about pursuing a particular field?

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