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Green new deal critique

Read H. Res. 109. After reading the Green New Deal Resolution, you are to develop a critique of this legislation using our theories of the state. Suggested areas of critique are (1) is this resolution, conservative, reformist, revolutionary? (2) Does the GND address the issue or concern that you intend to write about in your final paper? (3) Does this fit within the history of the United States and legacy of economics and the state? We have a number of readings to reference in this section of the class. Your essay should utilize quotes from at least 3 of those readings. These quotations should be clearly identified and a reference page created. A Strong essay will also be able to connect the described theories of the state to the debate between heterodox and orthodox economics from section one. Remember the task is to write a final paper. How can you build from your previous essay towards that objective, or is it best to start fresh? Your essay needs to utilize key words and concepts, describe historically relevant events, people, and policies as they relate the legislation described in H. Res. 109. Evaluation will include three primary criteria to model the peer review process for academic scholarship. These criteria include: 1. The author followed directions. 2. The author displays a depth and breadth of understanding of the materials. 3. The author contributes to the scholarship by developing a strong thesis statement and develops a consistent argument supporting that thesis.

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