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Writing a reply to Nelson Mandela response case

When Mr. Mandela was finally set free, vengeance was not on his agenda, I believe it never was. Obviously, Mr. Mandela’s vision was for a unified South Africa nation and he began with uniting with the Springbok rugby team, as despised as they were by their own country. Like music, sports can bring a nation together. The first step in leading was in the first speech he gave his employees on his first day as President when he gave them a choice as to stay in their current positions and continue doing their best or leaving out of fear during a time of change. The second step was in the speech Mr. Mandela gave to his main bodyguard, Jason: “…the rainbow nation, reconciliation, and forgiveness starts now!”, this, right after Jason questioned Mr. Mandela as to why hire the white bodyguards. Although this brought Mr. Mandela much personal pain in sacrifice, due to his daughter not agreeing with his method of leading, he saw the need to end apartheid. Many felt dubious about Mr. Mandela achieving this through a rugby match, but he followed his instincts. Challenge the Process – Mr. Mandela understood that to achieve greatness one must challenge the status quo, what can be more challenging than political opposition? To end oppression to a race when he himself was of the same race, and to be labeled a terrorist, and who was imprisoned for 27 years. Mr. Mandela knew he had to act fast and he saw his opportunity in the Springbok rugby team. This process was arduous and challenging, to say the least. By inviting Francois Pienaar, captain of the Springbok rugby team, for a private meeting, and giving him some words of wisdom as to how to motivate his teammates, this slowly started a chain reaction by bringing the rest of the rugby team to accept the change in practice, and adding to the agenda the national wide PR campaign, all the while Mr. Mandela supporting them, much to the disapproval of his people. Model the Way – Mr. Mandela understood that vengeance begets violence, and South Africa was in turmoil for too many years. The nation figured he was going to take revenge due to the wrong done to him, understandably so, and some may have gotten upset because he did not. Mr. Mandela’s actions obviously confused the nation, expecting war once he was elected as President. But it was because of this opportunity that Mr. Mandela wanted to start a positive change, they did not see it coming. The beginning was when he addressed the people that voted to strip the rugby team of their emblem, colors, and anthem, by explaining that that was what they expected. Another positive move was when he donated a third of his salary to charity because he felt his salary was too high and it was not fair. Also, when he told the news reporter that he stood 100% behind the team, even though in the past he was not a fan, Mr. Mandela explained it like this: “After all, if I cannot change when circumstances demand it, how can I expect others to?”, epic subliminal message and proper for the changes that were occurring at the time. 

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