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Write a policy paper on a topic like Medicald, The Older Americans Act

You will have to complete a paper this semester on research articles about policies and policy issues. For each assignment, you will utilize your literature search skills to identify a scholarly article from a peer reviewed journal that focuses on a policy-related topic. You can select any policy topic you find interesting, and the article can focus on an individual policy (i.e. Medicaid, The Older Americans Act) or a policy issue/target population (i.e. low-income families, Nursing home residents). Once you have selected an article, you will write a minimum of 5 pages report on the article that addresses the following topics/questions:

1. Write a summary of the issue; that includes the policy or policy issue targeted, the research questions used by the researchers, the overall approach to studying this topic (survey of a target population, in-depth interviews, etc.), and their overall findings.

2. What are different perspectives on this policy or policy issue? For example, how may this policy or policy issue affect various groups differently (positively and negatively)?

3. How does this policy or policy issue specifically affect South Florida?

4. How can this article be used to make decisions about policy? For instance, based on the findings from the study, what changes should be made to existing policy or what new policy could/should be created in order to make improvements to current conditions? What would you tell policymakers to do about this issue?

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