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Ulcerative Colitis

This paper is for a Anatomy and Physiology class.I am choosing to do it on Ulcerative Colitis. In order for me to get an A I need to have 6-7 pages. They would also like it to be MLA format with double spacing. I also need 10-12 references with 6-7 citations. I also need a works cited page as well. It would also help if I had at least one peer reviewed journal source. Examples for websites like websites or American medical association. It just needs to be nicely written and doesn’t need to be at a graduate level but still a good paper that is well put together. I was given an example: Introduction: introduce the topic, statistics, the signs of the Ulcerative Colitis 2nd paragraph: how diagnosed, challenges, how patients present with it, instruments used when diagnosed 3rd paragraph: side effects, how to treat, recent research on Ulcerative Colitis and and recent treatments on Ulcerative Colitis as well as future. ****my teacher will check these sources because he is in the medical field and into research**** ***he will also check for plagiarism as well***

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