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Thinking about about Autism Spectrum Disorders

Respond to the video by sharing your perspective on the video. Do not summarize it. What did it make you think about about? What did you learn? How did it change some beliefs about autism you may have had? Do you have a different understanding of how parents might be impacted by having a child with a disability? 2. For off-campus access, you have to enter your QCard barcode when prompted: Here the code : 21153003535277 Autism: The Musical, Part 1|video_work|3569454 Autism: The Musical, Part 2|video_work|3569456 Autism: The Musical, Part 3|video_work|3569458 Autism: The Musical, Part 4|video_work|3569460 Autism: The Musical, Part 5|video_work|3569462

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