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THEORIES AND MODELS – The goal of this individual assignment is for students to explicate and apply the two-step flow of communication theory, as discussed in the course, by explicating, among others, the role of the media in this theory. Choose one opinion leader from your personal life today. First, briefly describe this opinion leader, the topic within which they are relevant, and why they are perceived to be an opinion leader for you (that is, what is the background to your relationship). Second, analyze this opinion leader based on the different criteria for an opinion leader according to the two-step flow of communication theory – for each criterion, explain if the opinion leader meets the criterion, how and why. If they do not meet the criterion, explain why not. The criteria should be derived from the course material (lecture and recitation) and from the relevant reading materials (especially, the article by Uzunoglu & Kip, 2014).

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