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The Shack by W.M. Paul Young and its use of theosophic principles

In this paper, you will analyze the presence and authenticity of a religious message in a work of art. Your thesis should answer the following questions. What is the primary religious message talked about How does the author see this religion and what is he trying to say about it Is this representation of culture and religion fair/authentic Have those producing the art appropriated it Would somebody practicing this religion be familiar with what they are seeing Do the artist’s cultural misconceptions teach us something Do the artists have an important message for the community Is there a dialectic that can be reached between the two Why would you recommend or not recommend this book The paper is supposed to talk about the piece, something newly discovered, why it was written, and the impact it had on the community. Explain the deeper level of the book and how it connects to Theosophism. Please look at the files and make the essay sound like it is coming from me. The original topic on the sources page was not to the depth that it should have been at. The essay needs to have at least 6 academic sources. It is 3000 words or more.

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